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I need to put a porch on my 1930's house .. Any ideas or inspiration?

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BigTootsy Thu 09-Jan-14 10:44:33

I'm planning to put a porch on the front of my house. I really don't know where to start. Houses the same style on my road have all got dated looking upvc porches. This is something I would ideally like to avoid but ..I am stuck as to where to look for ideas.
Any help would be most appreciated.

PigletJohn Thu 09-Jan-14 10:53:37

Brick one to match the house with a tiled roof.

wonkylegs Thu 09-Jan-14 17:02:16

Depends on the style of your house (1930's covers a lot of styles) but what about something like this
Or this

wonkylegs Thu 09-Jan-14 17:11:11

Or something a bit different or this
Or this
or smaller version
Contemporary version
Very contemporary

wonkylegs Thu 09-Jan-14 17:14:28

Cool - Stained glass porch

senua Thu 09-Jan-14 20:01:36

Look on google images. I put in '1930s porch' and it offered all sorts of pictures. Lots of wood, white paint, roundyness and stained glass.

Devora Thu 09-Jan-14 22:10:05

Love your very contemporary one, wonkylegs, but it wouldn't look so great with buggies, wellies and muddy school shoes on show grin

wonkylegs Thu 09-Jan-14 22:36:27

Yeah I know - I'm an architect and love clean contemporary lines but couldn't live with them myself I'm not tidy enough.
My dads got a beautiful gallery like home with clean lines and lots of glass but that's because his youngest child is now 25 and lives elsewhere with his crap accoutrements grin

cosypenguins Wed 13-Jan-16 23:17:24

send a picture of the bit you are thinking of putting the porch on and I will give you my unqualified opinion. I love porches.

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