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Ikea PAX - anyone used it?

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kerryxx Thu 23-May-13 10:28:32

We are going to be putting a walk in wardrobe into our house and I'm going through the process of designing it. Being the woman it obviously means more to me than him!!

Anyway, has anyone got experience with the shoe tree?
I can't decide whether to put a shoe tree in or the shoes shelves. I'm leaning towards the shoe tree as it seems to take more shoes (16 pairs) but as it doesn't tell you the height, I'm not sure of how many shelves I could get in the same space.

As you know, our wardrobe space is precious and although it's a decent size I still feel like I haven't got enough space so want to use it all wisely!!

Any advice or thoughts on the Ikea Pax will be appreciated.

kerryxx Thu 23-May-13 10:32:31

If anyone does have the shoe tree and is able to give me the height of it that would be great!

notso Thu 23-May-13 10:46:22

DD and DS1 have PAX, it's a great system.

I'll go and measure the shoe tree now. Hang on!

notso Thu 23-May-13 10:55:39

It's just over 13 inches so you would need to add a little extra for the shoes on top of that.
The only problems are you can't have it right at the bottom, if you have it above a drawer or basket then bit's fall of your shoes onto your clothes and flip flops or boots have to go elsewhere.
DS has shelves for shoes which I think is better than the shoe tree DD chose

One thing DH and I messed up on is allowing for the hinges when deciding what you can fit in.
We have the tallest size wardrobe which needs four hinges each taking up three 'holes' [technical term].

kerryxx Thu 23-May-13 11:14:13

Thanks notso

How come you can't have it at the bottom?
Ive seen it at the bottom on pictures....

I was thinking putting that at the bottom and then a shelf for boots above it. Or I could put boots at the bottom of the wardrobe then the tree above it.
I think it's quite ugly so want to sort of hide it at the bottom if I can.

I would never have thought about bits of your shoes falling off... thanks for pointing that out

notso Thu 23-May-13 11:34:40

Sorry should have said you can have it at the bottom but you can't have it at the very bottom as you have to allow for the hinges, the rest depends on what else you have.
DD has basket, basket, wooden drawer, shoe tree, hanging space, shelves. It was supposed to be shoe tree on the bottom then the other stuff but as I said we forgot about the hinges and it didn't work out like that.

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