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can anyone tell me how long it should now take for me to complete / exchange?

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Nanabana Mon 25-Mar-13 14:03:32

I have just had my mortgage issued (survey came back fine), solicitors have received contract from the seller (they didn't mention if it was still in draft form or not), they have had the questionnair about the property and fixtures and fittings form filled and returned by the seller, which I also have a copy of now.. they also have sent me a map of the property.. not entirely sure if that is the Title search?
I think they have to carry out all the searches now.. but i have no idea how long that takes normally.
As long as everything is ok.. does anyone have any idea how long i should now expect to complete/exchange? My solicitor is a bit difficult to get hold of...

pettyprudence Wed 17-Apr-13 17:29:03

my report only listed "urgent" items aparently. it was only a basic survey for valuation purposes.

Nanabana Wed 17-Apr-13 10:15:23

Petty, I got a homebuyers report.. not sure if it is the same as the survey you had done but the report was pretty bulky and gave a fair bit of description.. it gave 3 ratings,anything given a middle rating highlighted if/but/possibly type problems.. and i got a lot of those!
The house is victorian and yes it's got artex done pre 1985.. we are planning to gut the place out therefore if there is asbestos then we'd need to know about it. Should be receiving results tomorrow.. fingers crossed.

I have ignored a lot of the possible problems that the survey threw up and am hoping for the best!
Ive signed off the searches, signed off the mortgage deed thing... now just waiting for contract to be finalised before setting date for exchanging! Just hope the asbestos thing doesn't hold us back.

Mrsdp123, that buy to letter sounds like a right PITA. We've been told that our seller is bvuying a place that is already empty, and we aren't selling.. but with these thigns there is always a chance of something goiong wrong. Oh and we were told for ages that the house wasn't on a water meter... but when I got the searches back it turns out it is on a meter.. wasn't pleased but can't really do much about it.

Mrsdp123 Tue 16-Apr-13 14:04:47

Ages - well that is what it feels like. We were in a chain and the person at the bottom was a buy to let investor and a complete wanker. He moved the exchange date 3 times and then didn't draw down the money for completion...We ended up exchanging and completing within the week and packing was a nightmare. Our Solicitor and our sellers Estate Agents seemed to be the only people with any idea what was happening. Regarding searches we ignored ours (am of the opinion that as long as the walls aren't falling down we are OK) and our buyers had an extra report done as the house we are selling is Victorian and the report was filled with ifs and buts. Basically they paid to have extra damp/timber surveys done which didn't show up any damp/rot/woodworm etc.....

pettyprudence Mon 15-Apr-13 20:55:43

Apologies for the delay Nanabana
My survey took up less than half a page and included such insights as:
Rendering needs repair or replacing - I asked the surveryor if it was cracked or something? His response was maybe. My df (a builder) couldn't find any fault with it today.
Chimney stack needs repairing or replacing - might have plants growing out of it. Again, no evidence.
Damp in ground floor - washing machine has previously leaked
Cause for concern of over electrics/central heating - surveyors hasn't seen (or asked for) installation certificates.ave

I only got the explanations because I phoned the surveyor (tip from another mner) otherwise it was very short and statement like.

There were no points that the surveyor raised that need attention. Its not making any difference how I proceed though as I already have a good price on the house.

Have they mentioned asbestos because the house has artex? I believe this is only an issue if a) the artex is pre 1985 and b) you disturb it by drilling or sanding etc...

Nanabana Fri 12-Apr-13 13:05:30

Ooh exciting stuff Petty, has moved pretty quick for you! I was told 6 weeks initially for searches to come back.. but I guess that was the solicitor being overly cautious. I have ignored some of the stuff that our surveyor came back with... but things like asbestos.. if there's a chance of it, then for peace of mind we just need to get it looked at (and is costing us nearly £500 to get it checked shock

I didn't actually query the major points with the surveyor - in your experience you think this made a difference in how you proceeded? What kinds of things did your surveyor highlight that you later found to be just bum-covering and unlikely to actually be a major issue?

pettyprudence Wed 10-Apr-13 22:11:09

Our survey has turned out just to be the surveyors covering his bum too, and also incredibly vague so I called them to query every point!

After nothing happening for 4 weeks after our offer being accepted, this week our solictors received our mortgage offer, contract and some of the searches and a date for an exchange/completion has been set for 2 weeks time! Eek! All seems to be going a bit fast now....

Nanabana Wed 10-Apr-13 12:52:17

just to update you - the searches have come back (so took around 2 weeks!!) and the solicitor is sending the report to me along with the mortgage offer report.. in terms of the state of teh house, we had electricians take a look, looks like the wiring is very out of date and will need redoing, although the quote we received wasn't as high as we'd expected.
Damp is being caused by a neighbour so have asked vendor to address that with neighbour.
Just waiting on the asbestos report now.. that might be the one that gets us.
Thanks for filling me in on your experience ILike. It gave me hope!

ILikeBirds Thu 28-Mar-13 22:02:31

We had a lot of those issues listed in our property report.

Evidence of woodworm - evidence of current infestation or past, ours was the latter = already treated no work required.

Electrics need updating, advise further testing - wiring actually fine, spent £150ish updating the consumer unit only, wiring was fine

High damp reading - no evidence of damp anywhere, i've read that the meters they used aren't reliable.

Blown plaster - took me an age with hammer and chisel to remove area of plaster in preparation for inserting an rsj. Removed many layers of wallpaper but plaster intact in every room

that was our experience. so the survey might suggest things are worse than they actually are

Nanabana Thu 28-Mar-13 17:23:30

the surveyor valued it at the same as the market value that we're purchasing at (i.e. didn't go back to the mortgage lender and say that he thought it was worth less). Also according to the report, he reckons that these are problems that should be expected for a property of its age.. Nonetheless, it isnt a bargain price. It is a bit lower, but in my opinion that just reflects the updating that is needed to the decor, not all this additional major work that's cropped up.

Will definitely be looking at renegotiating

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 28-Mar-13 16:32:11

Woodworm in upstairs flooring, a complete rewire and there is damp. If this is not at a bargain price and they are not prepared to haggle and come down on pricce run for the hills - that is thousands possible tens of thousands of pounds of work.

Nanabana Thu 28-Mar-13 15:37:35

received a letter yesterday regarding firm representing both parties, and signed a form to say it's ok for me (hope it is ok)

Nanabana Wed 27-Mar-13 14:02:41

that's what I thought ILike, possible conflict of interest...will check this.

ILikeBirds Wed 27-Mar-13 13:57:54

The solicitors should tell you if they are acting for buyer and vendor as it is potentially a conflict of interest. Same firm, different offices is ok but should have your explicit permission.

Nanabana Wed 27-Mar-13 13:39:53

The most urgent issue that requires attention was the electrics is out of date and the main fuse unit looks like it isn't capable of handling the needs of a family and the usual number of appliances.

One external wall is damp.

Woodworm evident in upstairs flooring.

The ceilings are mostly concealed by tiles or paper, but show evidence of cracks, and some of the textured coverings may have asbestos. I was intending to get all the walls/ceilings replastered anyway, but presence of asbestos might make that more difficult/costly

Due to the age of the property the chimneys, walls and ceilings have old type of plaster which loosens over time, there are loose areas of plaster. But again I was planning to replaster (not necessary knock existing plastering away but was planning to skim over if possible)

Those are the main issues, apart from that, there are a few loose roof tiles, and the a flat roof to an extension where the felt will probably need to be replaced as it's aged.

Will get quotes in and see if there's a need to renegotiate.

AngryFeet Wed 27-Mar-13 13:02:07

Do remember that very few surveys will come back perfect and they tend to be over cautious so don't worry too much. What exactly have they said re problems?

Nanabana Wed 27-Mar-13 12:36:45

That's according to the agent so really not sure if that's correct or not. I will double check with my solicitor.

Nanabana Wed 27-Mar-13 12:34:49

what's surprising me the most is that the seller is using the sam solicitors as us so I fail to see why the negotiation of the contract should take verylong. I also wonder if that is even allowed!!!!

ILikeBirds Wed 27-Mar-13 11:57:57

It's surprising how many buyers phone us up chasing searches when a) their solicitor has yet to request them or b) they're not getting the searches done through the local authority...

Nanabana Wed 27-Mar-13 11:52:40

Gaaah! just read my homebuyers report, there are quite a number of things on there that need further investigating.

Electrics is in need of urgent attention (will probably need to completely rewire). There are signs of damp, woodworm and asbestos which I will need to have looked at further too. Plastering is old and coming away from walls / ceilings (wasn't evident to me because it was all papered or tiled over). Roof may need a bit of repair too.
I am so disheartened, more fool me for being too optimistic at imagining that this was going to be a straight forward process.

I have emailed my solicitor listing everything that she needs to obtain guarantees for (as suggested by the surveyor).

This is becoming painful

Goodwordguide Tue 26-Mar-13 16:35:34

I agree with nag away plus the EAs seemed to know more than the solicitors and were much more on the case. The solicitors are very passive and don't do anything unless specifically asked to. It's taken us 4 months from offer accepted to completion (fingers crossed for Thursday) though that's not bad as it's been a complicated purchase with Christmas etc in the way.

MoreBeta Tue 26-Mar-13 16:20:56

Nana - thanks. Our local authority are online to be fair.

I'm fully expecting it all to fall apart on Thursday. All too smooth so far. Its quiet... too quiet.

jammybean Tue 26-Mar-13 16:11:44

I agree with specialsubject.

We requested that our solicitor and the vendor's solicitor communicated via email and phone. To ensure the process moved quickly, we made sure we chased every two days. Spoke to solicitors almost daily.

It's been exactly 4 weeks today since our offer was accepted. Searches took a week. Mortgage had already been agreed in principal for previous house. Exchanging on Thursday.

Nanabana Tue 26-Mar-13 15:58:56

MoreBeta that was quick on the searches, I've read that it depends on the local authority you're dealing with, some are quicker than others..
Hope all goes well for you

MoreBeta Tue 26-Mar-13 15:56:43

We are buying a house at the moment. Our solicitor said it would take about 1 week for searches but in reality took 2 weeks from start to actually signing contract. I sent several nagging emails. Six weeks though sounds like a long time to do what is pretty routine and now mostly online.

You have to keep this stuff on everybody's agenda or it just slides.

Now we just have to hope our seller will actually be ready exchange on Thursday but are as yet not confirming in writing the verbally agreed completion date.

Nanabana Tue 26-Mar-13 15:43:49

spoke to solicitor.. reckons another 6 weeks as they only received the draft contract from the sellers solicitor last week! Said that it could be sooner... ooh so anxious

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