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Doors through to conservatory

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StrangerintheNight Mon 28-Jan-13 20:23:22

We've currently got external grade uPVC doors between the living room and conservatory. They need replacing, and DH wants to buy glazed timber internal doors as he's seen some he likes the look of.

I'm really wary of losing heat and sound insulation, so should I insist on them being external grade doors, although I know it will be more expensive? Does anyone have any experience of this?


wendybird77 Mon 28-Jan-13 20:35:47

From what I know, they have to be external grade to comply with building regs.

befrazzled Mon 28-Jan-13 23:18:38

I would go for external grade for security purposes too - check your house insurance, you might find they need to be of a certain standard

PigletJohn Tue 29-Jan-13 01:01:25

In terms of security and heat retention, a conservatory is about the same as a tent or a garden shed, so external grade will be better, as well as compliant with BRs.

I think plastic doors look horrid. Wooden ones in your position will last well as they are protected from the weather. Modern frames wil have good draught-stripping. It is much easier to fit good locks and rackbolts to timber doors.

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