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Rangemaster or Stove a dilemma

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Joycey29 Fri 16-Nov-12 21:58:43

So I had chosen the rangemaster but am now not sure....

You see I loved the cranberry but its hard to match whereas the jalapeño red is easy to match and quite cool.
Problem is how much does the make matter....?

betterwhenthesunshines Sat 17-Nov-12 17:30:21

Have you seen them both?

The place I went to said Rangemaster was better quality. I prefer the look of the induction Stoves as it doesn't have so many knobs. But my brother has a Stoves and the plastic knobs have broken after only about 3 years.

So I'm probably going with Rangemaster, even though I don't really like the shiny handles!

PolterGoose Sat 17-Nov-12 17:55:37

I've got the Stoves mini range in jalapeño red, am very pleased with it, very well built and the finish is superb. When I looked at the whole range of Rangemasters I was a tad disappointed at the quality.

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