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Any advice on rewiring please?

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indiegrrl Sun 04-Nov-12 12:31:26

We're hoping to move into an Edwardian house. Homebuyers says 'get an electrical inspection'. Hasn't made an issue of it, just something surveyor advises. House has new kitchen - 3 yo - and new lights, and newish electrical shower, so I'd assumed wiring probably ok (current owner lives there and clearly uses all these things daily). Is it the case that you have to rewire from time to time with old houses? We never have with our current Victorian home but only been here 10 yrs.

PigletJohn Sun 04-Nov-12 12:51:45

the homebuyers report is saying "I have no idea, so to prevent you blaming me later, I'll tell you to get someone in who has a clue"

Ask around locally for recommendations of an experienced local electrician.

Ask him which Competent Person Scheme he is a member of (you can check it); how long he has been a member (you don't want a beginner), and is he a Domestic Installer (this is the lowest grade of qualification and not especially skilled).

A competent electrician will know 95% if you need a rewire or some upgrades within 15 seconds of walkinghthrough the front door, but will have to examine and test to know the details. He might not bother with details if he can immediately see that the installation is very bad and needs replacing.

ecuse Mon 05-Nov-12 16:35:53

Last two victorian properties we've been buying (first one fell through) we have got an electrical inspection for about £120. Both have said rewiring is required and given us a quote for doing the work which we used as tool to negotiate money off so I reckon it's well worth doing on older houses. If you need to rewire you're looking at £4-6k at least so it's something you want to know before you get into it.

indiegrrl Wed 07-Nov-12 09:36:43

Thanks so much. Local sparks who comes highly recommended agreed to look round for nothing - saying pretty much same as Piglet John, 'I'll know within 5 minutes'. Appreciate the advice.

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