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Looking for structural engineer/builder that's expert in extensions in the East London area

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hackneybird Thu 11-Oct-12 13:51:45

We're trying to buy a house in Walthamstow, but the survey says the loft conversion and kitchen extension are of poor quality and need to be looked at as they will in no way meet building regs.

We'd like to find someone to quote on the work needed to bring these things up to scratch, then plan to ask the vendor to drop her price accordingly.

Anyone have any advice on builders or engineers we would approach? Or do you think we should pull out!!!!!

tricot39 Thu 11-Oct-12 22:52:37

Pm me. But you might be better to phone the london loft co and ask them for a quote to redo the loft from scratch. Friends have had single rooms done quickly and nicely (basic stuff) for 20k.

Kitchen extension more tricky and depends on size but for new build i would guess min 30k.

Then there is the hassle of the work and yhe risk that everything is bodged. Unless it is absolutely fab in some other way or you can get it really cheap, then it might be safer to walk....

tricot39 Thu 11-Oct-12 22:54:18

Everything is bodged was meant to be about the existing house and that it could throw up nasty surprises.....

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