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New front door needed

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HesAwayAgain Sat 22-Sep-12 23:24:20

We need a new front door and frame and doorstep as all rotten.
House is large double fronted Edwardian with a fugly 1970s brick porch on front (well, it's not that fugly but boring brick).

So, want to replace with "traditional" looking wooden front door, with glazing on the top half, preferably partly stained glass. Not bothered whether it is oak or painted. At least, not sure which would look better. But money is tight and we'll be selling soon after it's done so looks is more important than authenticity, iyswim.

So, where do I buy a door? I've seen this one
which seems fairly reasonable and quite nice.
If I get a joiner to fit it and new frame, will they be able to put letter box in ok? I guess yes.. will call a joiner in a couple of days, but just wondering am I missing something fundamental about what to choose? Any great tips on where to look for reasonably priced doors? Reclaimed seems a dear option as need glazing usually, not to mention lots of repainting, etc.

DH is away, and I'm thinking of surprising him by having this done before he gets back.

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