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Tell me your best neutrals for painted walls...

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LadyPeterWimsey Mon 18-Jun-12 09:47:11

And please don't let them be F&B because I won't be able to talk DH or the decorator into them. grin

I have to choose very quickly a neutral colour to go through all the main downstairs living spaces (might go a bit more interesting in the sitting room). At our last house we had Dulux Natural Hessian which seemed to pick up the colours of the room it was in, but I'm wondering if anyone has found one they completely love. I like grey tones, but it needs to feel warm without being yellow-y or peach-y. And DH has an antipathy to anything which might look in the slightest bit brown.

ggirl Mon 18-Jun-12 09:49:44

We have natural calico ,but I am looking to change it to something whiter and brighter
Someone on mn did mention one of the natural collection ones that is slightly grey..can't remember the name now though

NarcolepsyQueen Mon 18-Jun-12 09:57:45

F&B Pointing - sorry it is F&B but it is lovely!

LadyPeterWimsey Mon 18-Jun-12 10:03:47

<tries to imagine Dh's reaction at the price of F&B over the whole downstairs. Shudders>

What might be close to Pointing, do you think?

ggirl: think hard! I'v used Egyptian Cotton in a sitting room before but I think it might be too dark for the main spaces/

Kaloobear Mon 18-Jun-12 10:06:12

We had Farrow & Ball's Blackened colour matched-it's gorgeous.

sh77 Mon 18-Jun-12 10:09:39

Look out for Homebase 15 to 25 % off sale as you could save a few quid on f&b or dulux. Sometimes they have one day sales on a weekend. IF you do convince your DH, then slipper satin by f&b is beautiful. Light greige and warm. Looks cream in certain lights.

Lulabellarama Mon 18-Jun-12 10:15:00

My mum has just done her living and dining rooms in a Crown pale grey, called Gallery White. It looks lovely and light and fresh. I'm considering the deeper version, called Mid White for my hallway.

MarySA Mon 18-Jun-12 12:54:33

I did Dulux calico after much agonising. It is very nice but I wish I'd gone for the F&B slipper satin which somebody recommended as a really good netral. But this easy marking of the F&B paint put me off.

CPtart Mon 18-Jun-12 13:09:37

B&Q warm magnolia. We have it everywhere! Get an over 60 to buy it for you on a Wednesday (I think) for a discount.

orangina Mon 18-Jun-12 13:17:59

Little Greene Slaked Lime. it comes in light, medium and dark....

ouryve Mon 18-Jun-12 13:21:21

No best, but I can tell you a worst. Crown Antique Cream. It looked like antique alright. Like walls that had never been painted for 25 years. Blech.

Painted over it and used up the rest of the tin in a cupboard.

7to25 Mon 18-Jun-12 14:21:16

Deluxe subtle Ivory

RatherNot Mon 18-Jun-12 18:53:15

Don't be tempted by Dulux Potter's Clay 4 either - I thought it would be a lovely soft, grey. It came out lavender. I've now repainted in Dulux Natural Taupe 4 which is proving much better although I swear I can still see lavender tones seeping through...
Jasmine White was also a good one - had a chalky texture that was almost F&B like.

KenNEddieKennedy Mon 18-Jun-12 18:56:52

I've just had Egyptian Cotton in my living/dining rooms, I really love it. No pink, importantly and looks very sophisticated.

ggirl Mon 18-Jun-12 19:00:29

It was egyptian cotton I was thinking of.

I want a nice bright off white.

So does F&B stuff mark easily?

lightrain Mon 18-Jun-12 19:02:34

Another natural calico here. Gorgeous.

SunnyUpNorth Mon 18-Jun-12 19:10:42

I just painted a room in Egyptian cotton. During the day it looks very pale so I wouldn't worry about it being too dark. My sister also used this, natural calico and natural hessian in her house and I liked Egyptian cotton the best.

HilaryM Mon 18-Jun-12 19:16:15

We got Johnsons Trade Paint to colour match F&B Slipper Satin. It's gorgeous and wasn't expensive at all because it's a cheat version.

SwedishEdith Mon 18-Jun-12 20:08:29

I second getting paints colour-matched at Leyland if you choose an F&B/Laura Ashley/Little Greene colour. <Feel a bit guilty about colour matching Little Greene though as they send a lovely little brush when you request a sample pot online.>

Noodlefin Mon 18-Jun-12 22:07:08

Currently have a lavender sitting room-also wanted a neutral- Avoid Potters Clay!

sh77 Mon 18-Jun-12 22:07:08

I have little greene paint in hallway - regret regret regret! Two weeks after painting, lots of scuff marks thanks to ds. As it is chalky matt, marks won't wipe off. F&b is same unless you get the modern emulsion.

LadyPeterWimsey Mon 18-Jun-12 23:16:18

Thank you all - will get a job lot of colour charts and sample pots tomorrow.

I have heard that F & B marks easily, so I won't just be avoiding it on cost grounds. But good tips on the colour-matching.

Now I'm off to post a question about where to get lovely but cheap curtains. God bless MN!

igetcrazytoo Mon 18-Jun-12 23:37:48

Please may I add my solution. I use Brewers own brand called Albany. I believe its made by Crown. I use their high opacity supercover emulsion .
(its ideal for new plaster, and has no latex so gives a flat, matt chalky finish) I use the colour White Lodge and have found it to be a nice neutral. Loathe magnolia with a passion. It way cheaper than F&B.

I then match it on skirtings and door frames with Dulux TRADE satin eggshell in Jasmine (its the same colour as white lodge (so makes painting the edges much easier). I then use the same Dulux trade eggshell in barley white to paint the doors. I prefer the oil based paints for wood over the water based ones as I think the finish is better.

Oh and please don't let your decorator use emulsion as a primer on any bare wood. They all seem to be doing this these days. It goes on very easy, but they won't be around in years to come to come. Make them used proper oil based primers.

I have been in my own old house since 93 and have been doing all the painting myself until just this last year, so I've got to know what I like. If you are going to do any of the work yourself, I would recommend Harris no loss brushes (usually have a blue handle and black brush).

Oh, and I think the best place is get curtains really cheap is on Ebay. Go and have a look - there are tons of plain curtains there.

justaweeone Tue 19-Jun-12 08:19:58

I have used Dulux stone white throughout

EugenesAxe Tue 19-Jun-12 09:53:04

Another vote for Dulux's Egyptian Cotton. Seems to change its hue according to what's placed around; can morph to be both cool and warm.

My uncle says F&B is awful paint... not sure why but he's a homeopath and grow-your-own and generally natural person, and for some reason this gave his statement some weight.

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