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Is there a smaller Brighton anywhere?!

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donttrythisathome Sun 22-Apr-12 23:55:12

I live in Brighton and love it, but want to move somewhere a lot smaller and more rural. I've realised that my dream is somewhere like Brighton. Not, as in, for example, lots of drug deaths and hen parties. More the sea, open-mindedness, lots going on. Just smaller, and greener. Somewhere you can walk to countryside easily, and hear owls at night.

Stop laughing, you over there....!

So, is it an impossible dream?

A small seaside place, that is vibrant and progressive, with a great community. And noticeable owls, or at least easy access thereto?! Oh and work for a future childminder and current carpenter/furniture maker?

chillidog Sun 22-Apr-12 23:56:50

OK, I'm going where you're going.

CointreauVersial Sun 22-Apr-12 23:58:52

I'm thinking Cornwall.

Kewcumber Sun 22-Apr-12 23:59:51



chillidog Mon 23-Apr-12 00:03:13

grin @ Hove. grin



eatyouwithaspoon Mon 23-Apr-12 12:33:28

St Ives / somewhere in Cornwall?
I dont live down the pointy end but I do live in Cornwall - I live by the sea in the country and often see and hear owls smile
If you live in one of the more "arty" areas it might be just the ticket.
Avoid Newquay if you dont want stag and hens!
Not sure about work for a carpenter but the child minders in my area seem really busy though.

IAmRubyLennox Mon 23-Apr-12 14:02:30


Lovely Cotswold countryside, quick to get to bigger places, lots of independent shops, thriving farmers' market every weekend, lots of people embracing slightly more alternative lifestyle (e.g. elements of self-sufficiency, bartering, alternative therapies, home ed etc.), often things going on in the theatre / poetry / live music line.

I'd say lots of opportunity for CM & carpenter.

TalkinPeace2 Mon 23-Apr-12 14:19:44


schobe Mon 23-Apr-12 14:21:13


ANTagony Mon 23-Apr-12 14:22:36

Conwy, North Wales has a bit of life to it but bits that are very rural.

ANTagony Mon 23-Apr-12 14:26:25

Sticking with the Welsh theme....
Their are several see side university towns (more progressive than other areas possibly) where budget from a Brighton house or flat would go a very long way. Bangor or Aberystwyth.

TalkinPeace2 Mon 23-Apr-12 14:29:42

Aber is nice - yummy deli and HUGE beach and Mac just up the coast

noddyholder Mon 23-Apr-12 14:43:07

No it is unique although Totnes has a similar vibe

donttrythisathome Mon 23-Apr-12 15:01:55

Sorry, was out all day, just back. Lots of places to look at her. The husband went to uni at Aber, and loved it. I'd be worried about work though, and the Welsh language. Would these be issues? Plus, are outsiders always seem as just that?

Chilldog lol about Hove and Peacehaven.

*Noddy" I did consider Totnes, although have never been. Seems a bit expensive though, and what about work? Is Brighton really unique - don't tell me that, I want another one!
Scobe what is it you like about Whitstable - only ever went for an afternoon.

eatyouwithaspoon Cornwall might be tempting, although again it is work. Although it might be too far from everything, which is why I wouldn't consider Scotland either.

Iamrubylennox Stroud sounds nice, interesting. But what about the sea?

Talkinpeace must check out the places on your list, haven't heard of some of them (disclaimer:am Irish).

TalkinPeace2 Mon 23-Apr-12 15:40:16

Aber is a university town - last big party I went to there was full of a worldwide range of faculty types and alternatives lured to the area by the CAT and stuff

Sidmouth is definitely worth a check for you ....

Peacehaven - you sound about 45 years too young ....

donttrythisathome Mon 23-Apr-12 16:38:42

Had a look at Sidmouth, does look nice alright, thanks. Much going on there?
For some reason I'm reluctant to go to Wales. Anyone persuade me otherwise??

Kewcumber Mon 23-Apr-12 17:11:10

Oh god no not Aber. Its in the arse end of no-where.

puffylovett Mon 23-Apr-12 17:12:03

Just been to stay with my sis, who has moved to Portland Island. Not quite Brighton, cheap, fab coast and lovely Weymouth 10 mind on the bus (which comes every 10mins!)

ShelleyCoppen Mon 23-Apr-12 18:23:27

Isn't Hastings the new Brighton or am I out of date?

PlumpDogPillionaire Mon 23-Apr-12 18:25:20

Was thinking Hastings also.
Or Lewes?
Bath or thereabouts?

noddyholder Mon 23-Apr-12 18:32:30

Lewes yes Hastings NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

donttrythisathome Mon 23-Apr-12 18:49:51

Shelley I'm not looking for the new Brighton, just a smaller more rural (yet still by sea) version. With the owls too ;-)
Ideally we want to be by the sea, so Lewes is out (I know it's near but still) and Bath too. Should have said we want a biggish garden too, and couldn't get that in Lewes.
Hastings, no. Husband also lived there and said there's too much social deprivation, generations worth.
Puffy are there lots of things going on there, and jobs? Never heard of it, will look it up.

donttrythisathome Mon 23-Apr-12 18:54:53

Yeah, Kew the arse end of nowhere might put me off. Mind you if it is a fab place to live with lots of like-minded people, families and things to do, then maybe I wouldn't want to go anywhere!

NarcolepsyQueen Mon 23-Apr-12 18:56:30

Whitstable or Totnes?

DonInKillerHeels Mon 23-Apr-12 18:57:18

Whitby, Robin Hood's Bay?

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