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Chatham Kent?

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Manda91 Tue 27-Mar-12 03:11:40

Hiya all
I'm currently living in London but due to money need to move, as renting here is so expensive! Been looking at places in Chatham and was wondering if anyone had any info on the area.. All greatly appreciated also what's it like travelling from Chatham to London?

Rhubarbgarden Tue 27-Mar-12 13:47:05

We considered Chatham too, because we saw a fab house there that seemed like really good value. When we drove down there for the day we saw why it was cheap - it's not a very appealing town at all! Rochester, on the other hand, turned out to be lovely. These are just observations from day trips from London though - I'm sure someone will be along who actually knows the area.

MrsMagnolia Tue 27-Mar-12 19:34:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janmoomoo Tue 03-Apr-12 18:57:41

Travelling is good now as Chatham is on the HS1 high speed train into St Pancras.

However, there is a reason why it is cheap. You just need to walk along the high street to see it! Agree that the right parts of Rochester are much nicer, and still cheap compared to London. Its also on the HS1.

IMcHunt Tue 03-Apr-12 19:03:38

What everyone else said. Chatham's a hole. Have you looked in Bexley or around Dartford by the way? There are some reasonable areas round there, and it's cheap, as well as being on the overland, half an hour or so from central London.

IMcHunt Tue 03-Apr-12 19:05:36

Forgot to add - once you go out of zone 6 (just before Dartford), travel into London gets quite pricey, and the HS1 is expensive (though lovely).

invicta Thu 05-Apr-12 22:04:56

Maidstone ad the villages around are nicer.

maydaychild Thu 05-Apr-12 22:07:54

Chatham is a dump. No bones about it.
Has been the case a v long time.
Rochester nice
Strood is a dump too

Ben10NeverAgain Thu 05-Apr-12 22:13:01

I live in Chatham. Its better than Thornton Heath , where we used to live, which really was a dump grin. Schools good. Houses cheap. Chatham high street is a shock. depends where you live in London as to whether being able to buy a house here is for you. Rainham is nice.

lindaanderson123 Mon 04-May-15 12:06:00

Hi,I've lived in Rochester for 20 years,now living in white road estate in chatham now for four years!I just wanted to make it perfectly clear thatiit's the quietest road I've ever lived on.I've made more friends in chatham in the four years than of the 20 yes living in Rochester! It's an ordinary area with ordinary people, I would say to steer clear of Luton road,as it's mainly bedsits and flats!

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