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Packing strategy and should I start?

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starrychime Sun 09-Oct-11 19:18:47

I have had an offer accepted on a flat, and have a mortgage offer letter through from the bank grin Can't believe I am finally getting out of my horrible rented flat with the even more horrible neighbour! Now, I am dying to start packing but am reluctant to start in case anything goes wrong between now and getting the keys - vendor changing mind, mortgage pulled at last minute etc. Hopefully this is unlikely but can't face the thought of packing and then not being able to move. Do you think it would be safe to start? Hope to have everything completed in about 3 weeks but I can overlap for a couple of weeks between having the new place and having to leave here so have a bit of time.

2nd part of this is - what are the best packing strategies? I have a LOT of stuff and will be getting rid of plenty but don't really have a lot of room to use as storage for packed boxes. What has anyone found to be the best plan for packing? Work full time so would plan to do a couple of hours a night while DD in bed, a lot at weekends, take a few days off work etc. Any hints and tips would be appreciated!

An0therName Sun 09-Oct-11 19:25:41

are you going to use a removal firm - if you are do get a quote for them packing as well - if you can afford it is amazing -
how old is DD - that makes a big difference -as I wouldn't have been that happy leaving big boxes where my toddler could get at them and "help"
what I would work on at the moment is the decluttering and getting rid of stuff as that will really pay off

starrychime Sun 09-Oct-11 19:34:16

I'll be using a smallish removal van with a couple of guys - plan to move a lot of boxes myself in the car as I'm not moving far but wouldn't want folk to pack for me - house is a state at the moment with far too much stuff so I'd be embarrassed to let folk in to pack and as I'm getting rid of loads I might as well pack at the same time. DD is 7 so will be able to give me a 'hand' with clothes and stuff and will be OK with boxes about if I don't stack them very high.

minipie Mon 10-Oct-11 18:23:42

So you haven't exchanged yet? If I were you I would go ahead with de cluttering and getting rid of stuff, but not with actual packing, that way if the worst happens and it does fall through, you will not have wasted your time. I'd wait till exchange for the actual packing. You should have at least a couple of weeks between exchange and completion usually.

Decluttering is the bit that takes the most time IME anyway. Especially if you are a hoarder!

Re packing itself:

It's worth renting wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes - the removal companies use these - you can just put all the hangers onto the rail in the box, saves folding them all and means they are not so creased the other end.

Do make sure that any china and glass is individually wrapped with plenty of paper/bubble wrap.

Pack by room so you can put each box straight in the right place.

Pack a box or bag with your bedlinen and overnight stuff so you can at least go to bed at the end of move day. Also keep bin bags and enough cutlery/crockery etc for your first meal, in an accessible box/bag.

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