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Who would do this sort of work in a bathroom?

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starrychime Wed 28-Sep-11 17:42:29

Hopefully just about got a house - waiting for mortgage decision! The bathroom needs a little bit of work - there's no seal round the bath and a small hole in the wall near the skirting board that you can see pipes through - it's about 8 inches square. Who would fix these sort of things? I'm thinking not a plumber for the sealing job? Maybe just a general handyman? Thought about attempting it myself but then thought again grin And would a general joiner type person be able to box in the hole - actually I think there might be a pipe coming out of it as if the bath has maybe been moved at some point.

lalalonglegs Wed 28-Sep-11 18:43:05

A handyperson would be the best bet - in London (I don't know about elsewhere) there are lots of handymen firms that specialise in these sorts of low-level jobs but really, what you want, is an old fella who has been doing it all his life and doesn't charge very much.

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