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Noddy or anyone who has looked at a lot of kitchen designs recently ... can you help poor ol Bibbity?

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bibbitybobbityhat Tue 27-Sep-11 16:58:49

I like this kitchen

cooke & lewis

but I don't want high gloss, I want matt cream. I definitely don't want wood, or at least not natural wood, because I am having a wooden floor, and I have a very dark kitchen.

Anyone seen cabinets something like this in style (ie. no handles but not push to open) but matt?

Thanking you.

mrsbleasdale Tue 27-Sep-11 18:11:13

Have you tried wickes?

mrsbleasdale Tue 27-Sep-11 18:14:39

Sorry - ignore me -they're all gloss.

<wishes there was a 'delete stupid post' button>

mrsbleasdale Tue 27-Sep-11 18:17:35

Do you have any independent kitchen showrooms nearby. They tend to have hundreds of doors and colour you choose from. While we've been looking their prices have been very competitive compared to the big players.

tkband3 Tue 27-Sep-11 18:20:18

I've just had this one fitted. It does have handles and is white rather than cream....but looks great with a walnut worktop and wooden floor. Could post a pic if you'd like to see it.

Or there's howdens this one - again, it's white, but with integrated handles...any good?

said Tue 27-Sep-11 20:14:42

Ikea does white matt and cream matt

NoseyNooNoo Tue 27-Sep-11 21:11:51

We're going for matt cream which hasn't been a problem at the local independents.

bibbitybobbityhat Tue 27-Sep-11 21:13:10

Oooh replies! Thanks very much everybody.

I looked at the Cooke & Lewis matt white, but it was the no handles thing that I particularly liked about the Appleby. I want something like that Howdens one you kindly linked tkb but without the aluminium bit on it.

Thanks all for taking an interest smile.

Mammonite Tue 27-Sep-11 22:34:28

What about the German/continental kitchens? They tend to come in a lot of colours, not cheap but probably compare with the likes of Wickes. Eg. Schuller (, Alno from John Lewis. There are so many options on the websites it's baffling, might be better to phone them up.

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