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Need new front door - anyone used an internet door company?

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Rose50 Sat 24-Sep-11 08:23:00

We want to replace our old, draughty, not very secure front door with a new composite door. Doing some research on the internet I kept coming across companies that allow you to buy the door online (at a much reduced price) and then a local company come to install it. The main companies I have found are and There are no salesmen, the installer comes to measure up your door, then you just order it all online.

I wondered if anyone had any experience of using a company like this? You hear of so many scams/rip-offs happening online that I don't want to get caught out! Although they both look like genuine companies, it would be great to get any feedback from anyone who has used them.

I looked at a couple of local double glazing/door companies online, foolishly put in my contact details to get a "quote" and then within 1 hour both called trying to arrange an appointment for a salesperson to visit!! So the idea of no salesperson is a very tempting prospect.

Thanks for any help/suggestions

Paschaelina Sat 24-Sep-11 08:31:38

We looked at online companies 3 years ago but went with a local man in the end, (because we wanted to give him work). He said that all the companies use the same few factories anyway (as did he). The quality should be very similar, it's the service that makes the difference.

Our composite door is lovely and gets compliments from everyone.

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