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Ready made kids curtains with a 90" drop

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jennymac Tue 23-Aug-11 09:23:09

Does anyone know where I could get these? All the windows in our new house are at least 2m long and for some reason, while you can buy most curtains with a 90" drop, for kids rooms the longest you can buy is a 72" drop. I don't really want to go to the expense of getting them made to measure unless I really have to.

blanchedevereaux Tue 23-Aug-11 19:30:18

I got some 2m long ones at Great Little Trading Company recently. They were classed as "extra long". Maybe worth a look?

queenmaeve Tue 23-Aug-11 23:02:41

I know ikea do extra long curtains. But they are very thin and would need lined. Is it for a boy or a girls room? How about getting a pair of plain coloured 90" and then adding a bright pom pom trim to the edges. It is really easily stitched on.

cupnoodle Wed 24-Aug-11 09:12:00

Message withdrawn

winnieinpooh Wed 24-Aug-11 10:24:51

The only other place I can think of may be Dunelm Mill.

jennymac Wed 24-Aug-11 13:29:42

Thanks - must have a look in IKEA - could maybe get my mum to sew in some black out lining to thicken them up a bit.
Will also have a look at GLTC - have tried Dunelm already but no luck unfortunately.
Need curtains for a boy's room and a girl's room

gregssausageroll Wed 24-Aug-11 14:49:47

can't they just have plain blue or pink curtains? Am I missing something? I got blue 90 inch drop for DS bedroom from the next directory.

jennymac Wed 24-Aug-11 19:52:01

Blanche - I had a look at the GLTC but it seems that the 2m is minus 10cm for the tab - is this the case?

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