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A bang and a nasty smell

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Mandy2003 Mon 22-Aug-11 20:41:21

Yesterday I heard a bang/popping/crack sound from the kitchen, went in there and there was a smell like gunpowder, or burning sad

The washing machine was on, and the fridge, nothing else switched on at all. Light was off I think. Everything was still working (washing machine running, continued to heat up, fridge still on), nothing tripped on the circuit breaker. A thorough look revealed no burnt marks on the plug sockets etc.

I had an electrical survey done when I moved in 6 months ago and all was well. Now who or how can I persuade to look at basically nothing, except the words "Well it bothered ME and yes I know there's nothing to see..."

Where should I go for advice?

starrychime Mon 22-Aug-11 21:38:13

Could you maybe call the Fire Service (local fire station number maybe, not emergency). I've heard of 'hot spot detectors' which they might have which might be able to detect overheating wires in the walls or whatever.
My other thought was an ancient egg exploding somewhere and releasing a sort of sulphur smell (do eggs explode hmm)

Mandy2003 Mon 22-Aug-11 22:11:43

Thanks starrychime I did think of the fire service but think they might say call an electrician, but there's nothing for an electrician to see! I did get a card from the fire service offering free smoke alarm tests so I could get them round for that and mention the bang I suppose!

odetothewestwing Tue 23-Aug-11 09:22:57

I would get an electrician in and ask them to check all your sockets/appliances in the kitchen. Well worth it for peace of mind and shouldn't cost too much.

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