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Estimated conveyancing costs?

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lisbapalea Fri 19-Aug-11 20:57:15

Can anyone help me work out a rough idea of what conveyancing costs would be (excl stamp duty?). We have a family member who's a solicitor but despite being assured that the quote he's given us is competitive, I'm not sure it's quite the family rate we were hoping for as it's a fair bit above a rough estimate I got from the BBC website which was for £500 for sale and £500 for purchase. I don't know whether to believe the BBC or the family member!

We're selling at £385k and buying for £405k. Any ideas?

JamieOliveOil Fri 19-Aug-11 22:12:15

Costs £500 EACH for sale and purchase Plus VAT - that's about right.

Disbursements -

Sale (Copy Land Reg Title) £8.00

Purchase (Local, Drainage, Environmental, Official & Bankruptcy Searches, Land Registry fee and Bank Transfer Fee ) approx £ 580

Total approx £ 1800

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