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dressing room - do you have one and how did you fit it out?

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givemeaclue Sun 14-Aug-11 15:50:25

We've offered on a house which has <dream come true> a dressing room. Bizarrely, vendors use it as an office and have a load of ugly built in wardrobes in the bedroom (there is lots of other space for an office).

doyou have one, how did you fit it out (not too ££££££££) did you do it yourselves or get a company in?

how to maximise space ?

smalltownshame Sun 14-Aug-11 16:11:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bonsoir Sun 14-Aug-11 16:17:13

I We have a dressing room, which was empty when we moved here. DP had it fitted out by the same person who fitted our kitchen and did some other shelving and carpentry jobs for us. It has a double rail right down one side (it is long and thin, with drawers and shelves at the beginning, and then a shelf on top of the double rail and another large L-shaped shelf just under the ceiling, where I store suitcases and have some large storage boxes.

TBH, all our fitted cupboards (which are all original features of the apartment) could do with being re-fitted by a professional wardrobe fitting company in order to maximise the use of space. Could you get some quotes?

Bonsoir Sun 14-Aug-11 16:20:52

If there is other carpentry/shelving work to be done in the house, could you not get a quote for the whole lot?

In our apartment block many owners have knocked down walls and done major refurbishment and I think it is a pity. If I were going to start investing in our apartment (which I shall not, as we are likely to move quite soon and would never recoup it) I wouldn't change any of the original walls/architecture, but would spend a great deal of time/money ensuring all the available utility space (kitchen, laundry room, walk-in wardrobes, dressing room, loos and bathrooms) were fitted out to meet the uses of modern life.

queenmaeve Mon 15-Aug-11 00:58:51

All of our rooms have walk ins and they were all fitted out very economically. A good joiner can do shelving, rails etc with white conti board and the railings you can get in b&q. Dh dressing room is a walkway into the loo so I bought the long curtains from ikea to hang over the front to save on expense of fitting sliding doors.

givemeaclue Mon 15-Aug-11 08:58:55

yes I am thinking of getting a joiner in, and having some space for long hanging items, shorter hanging items, some shelving and drawers with a shelf over the top for out of season woolly hats/flip flops etc, its not a massive room so I prob would not have the doors on just the shelving/rails etc

..they haven't accepted our offer yet!

daimbardiva Tue 16-Aug-11 11:40:07

Do you think it's worth having shoe racks put in - we've just built an extension which includes (dream come true indeed) a dressing room for me and I'm trying to decide how to fit it out. A friend has just Ikea'd her large built in wardrobes and it includes a shoe rack where the shoes all sit on spikes. I'm all for maximising my space, but not sure if I want to go quite so ikea-y. I do have a lot of shoes though!

Good luck with your house purchase OP!

givemeaclue Tue 16-Aug-11 11:42:48

thank you! offer has been accepted so fingers crossed. Yes funnily enough I was looking yesterday in the ikea catalogue at the shoe racks. Im not sure about the spiky ones as they take up quite a bit of space. but deffo need shoe storage of some kind. I dont have loads of shoes but perhaps a space for current season and then some storage for out of season is a good idea

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