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Chimney removal - trusted "old school" builder or chimney specialists?

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watersign76 Fri 29-Jul-11 08:23:42

Hi all

We moved into our house last year.

Weridly we have 2 chimney breasts in our two largest bedrooms, but no chimney breasts left downstairs....ekk.

We want them removed as they are taking up space & will get whoever to ensure support in loft is sufficent.

We have found a great "old school" builder, lets call him Roger, who I think borders on OCD based on how neat the garage when he'd finished in there - which I love about him! But his quote for chimney removal doesn't mention party wall stuff. The chimney breast specialists do. Both quotes are about the same price.

Anyone removed chimney breasts in a terraced house and done the party wall thing? And more generally any advice re having it done. We are planning to try to move all stuff into remaining bedroom and seal up and go away for a few days whilst it is done as I know it is messy.

Thanks in advance.

fastweb Fri 29-Jul-11 08:28:31

Just had my chimney opened up from ground floor to roof and redone with a new insert. We needed some remedial structural work doing.

Used a recommended chimney specialist and after seven years of having work done on this old house, hell froze over. Because for the first time the work was done on time, to a high standard, with no odd shortcuts giving me the heebie geebies and he came in under quote.

So I'm voting for the man who specializes.

lalalonglegs Fri 29-Jul-11 09:31:41

I'm not sure how the chimney specialists could include the costs of party wall stuff as, if your neighbours choose to, they can have any surveyor they want to look after their interests. Do they include things such as engineer's report and plans to show next door? Or do they just give you a pro-forma letter to shove through their letterbox?

Nosy - how much is it to remove a chimney breast? It's not something I've ever done but I have thought about it in a couple of places.

watersign76 Fri 29-Jul-11 10:34:37


Thanks fastweb that is helpful to know. Roger is a find (honestly I have never known such a tidy perfectionist builder!) but we are a little concerned that you buy experience of knowledge with a chimney specialist - which I guess might also help alay any fears on our neighbours part.

lalalonglegs their quote did say they'll guide us through it, but as you point out, if the neighbours object/want a survey then the cost of that won't be covered.

We have been quoted £2.5K+VAT, but that if just for one level of chimney breast (and in one room is it half a chimney breast at an angle) I am guessing, most houses have the 2 levels, but I might be wrong.

I am hoping the neighbours will be ok. We are on good terms, and naturally don't want to do anything to their house whilst trying to amend ours...

Am thinking the experienced person is the one we need.

Thanks, MNetters always know the answer!


whats4teamum Fri 29-Jul-11 15:22:31

I have a neighbour who wishes to remove a chimney breast and started this thread which may answer some of you questions.

i am not happy and will be insisting on a survey at their expense.

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