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Come and tell me I have done the right thing!!!!....

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Becaroooo Tue 26-Jul-11 18:21:22

...been to see 2 rental properties this afternoon.

One is a 4 bed detached but was really tired and dirty and it smelt, frankly. Also has furniture already in it which is a bit...erm...gothic grin

The other is a 2 bed maisonette - built a few years ago. Clean and tidy. Really quirky - exposed beams, feature fireplace and courtyard walled garden with garage. In a small quiet village.

We have applied for the 2 bed one as its £200 per month cheaper than the 4 bed and we figure its temporary. My sons will have to share a room but they wont mind as they are still small.

Please tell me we have done the right thing!...please???

Hoping to take the time to add to our deposit/savings and find our forever house.

jaspercat2002 Tue 26-Jul-11 18:26:33

Sounds like you have made the right decision to me! You need a home you feel comfortable in and the saved money is a real bonus. If its any comfort we moved house partly so my ds's could have a reasonable size room each and guess what? They chose to share a room!
Hope all goes well and you are very happy in your new home.

Becaroooo Tue 26-Jul-11 18:31:11

jasper Thank you!

It must seem mad to others as we are leaving a large 3 bed ext semi BUT its not in the right location and unfortunately there arent many houses for sale or rental properties in the area we need - seriously, there are 2 for rent in the whole village atm!!! - and the saving on rent over the year will give us over £2k to put towards our deposit fund.

SoupDragon Tue 26-Jul-11 18:34:34

You'll be saving on utility bills too.

TeriHatchetJob Tue 26-Jul-11 18:35:03

You'd have spent quite a bit of money trying to sort the bigger one out as well, if it was that bad and the location of the smaller one sounds good. I reckon you've done the right thing.

Becaroooo Tue 26-Jul-11 18:38:04

soup hadnt thought of that!!

Its really a sweet little place smile

We really need to put some serious money in the bank over the next few months/years and this may enable us to do that.

ohhh......sun holiday next year then!!! grin

Thromdimbulator Tue 26-Jul-11 19:14:52

One of the good things about renting is that you only have to worry about whether it is big enough right now. You don't have to do the - what if we have another baby? What will it be like when the children are teenagers? What if our parents get ill in old age, etc?

You have a garage, so if you don't need to store the car in it you can store any furniture that doesn't suit/fit this house. Sounds quite nice from your description. Happy new home!

alliwant Tue 26-Jul-11 20:00:51

Sounds perfect to me, quids in and a nice tidy home that you obviously like. My boys share and love it.

mylovelymonster Tue 26-Jul-11 21:09:59

Sounds as though you have done absolutely the right thing and will enjoy your time in your cosy maisonette, saving money for your next long term home x

notcitrus Tue 26-Jul-11 21:29:07

Sounds like you've done a right thing - there might have been other right options but looks like a sensible decision.
Good luck saving money for a long-term house!

Sushiqueen Wed 27-Jul-11 07:14:02

Sounds like a plan to me. Will give you the time then to find the place you really want (or the land smile )

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