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Room divider?

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WhoseGotMyEyebrows Fri 22-Jul-11 13:05:52

I have a huge (by my standards) living room and would like to divide it up but without building a wall. I ideally would have a sliding door/partition which could be opened up for parties but have heard they can be really expensive. Any ideas?

lottieladybird Fri 22-Jul-11 16:30:22

Have a look on Ikeahacker site, there's a chap there who divided up his studio apartment to make a bedroom using an IKEA PAX wardrobe sliding door.


minipie Fri 22-Jul-11 16:32:19

Doors which fold back or slide back into the wall would be great but not sure about cost, suspect it would be a lot.

What about a basic folding screen like this that stands on the floor, or do you want something more permanent than that?

Some kind of curtain? this page has some examples.

MTLF Fri 22-Jul-11 16:43:30

ikea does lots of room dividers

put room divider into their search engine.

Panel curtains are great (look through the catalogue for the effect they give as seeing the product alone is not that helpful).

Or you could try a bookcase EXPEDIT is good ad you can get accesories, draws, baskets etc for the cubed spaces if you choose.

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Sat 23-Jul-11 10:20:05

Thanks everyone! They are great ideas. The divider made out of a PAX wardrobe door looks amazing!

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