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newbie looking for extension advice :S

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starryeyedsarah Fri 22-Jul-11 11:34:36

Hi everyone!

Long time reader and first post from a mum of 2!

We're thinking of getting an extension put onto the kitchen and making it into an office as I work mainly from home and working in the kitchen really isn't working for me anymore!

Does anyone have any suggestions of either national or Manchester based businesses that I should contact to discuss it? And ideas of things I should have thought about before contacting them?

My friend suggested I might be better going for a garden office like this instead of an extension as she said it made her much more productive as she felt like it was separate to her home - but they seem quite expensive! Does anyone know what they are like?

Thanks in advance for any advice! And I hope this is posted in the right place!

Sarah x

lalalonglegs Fri 22-Jul-11 18:01:50

I'd go for a garden office because, if you have a typical house layout, building an office on the back could compromise access into the garden and light into the house plus it may also impact the bit of garden nearest the house which tends to be used the most.

Your friend has expensive tastes - you can get garden offices that are much more like glorified sheds and rather cheaper wink.

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