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Anyone lived in Gravesend?

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ITryToBeZenBut Fri 22-Jul-11 07:55:09

Hi all

I'm currently living in SE London in a flatshare (having OH and myself squeezed into one room has been a good test of our relationship...) whilst saving to buy but deposit ready luckily and expecting first DC in February.

We are thinking of buying in Gravesend - visited a few times and property much more affordable than London. I will be working in central London up until taking leave and then again when I return to work and the commute seems reasonable - whether the reality matches the theory, I don't know.

We don't know anyone who lives there and I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences to share? In my mid thirties so looking for parks, maybe some community activities to meet other people (I practice and teach yoga in my spare time), a gym, somewhere for a coffee.

Any thoughts welcomed.

Bumblequeen Wed 27-Jul-11 21:26:37


My friend lives in Gravesend and I go to visit her often. She has lived there for five years now and has no complaints. It is fairly straight forward to get into London (South and Central). I have been to the Town Centre and feel it is best to stay on the outskirts - less grotty.

There are quite a few local parks and a lovely country park in Shorne. Not too far from Gravesend.

The town is becoming more diverse, large Asian community and a large African Caribbean and Polish community.

jollytummywobbles Wed 27-Jul-11 21:35:30

I grew up there in the '80s- it's always had a v large Asian population.

Flowerista Wed 27-Jul-11 21:50:44

Hello OP writing to you from Gravesend! I also moved here from SE London, although I actually grew up in a village just outside. On the whole I have to say I like it. Very close to Bluewater (my spiritual home), commute Ok - better if you can afford the High Speed which is just marv. Woodlands Park is nice and leafy, great for DC's but no dogs. Dog-walking/running/cycling within 5 mins drive from TC. Lots of lovely Victorian buildings which the council seem to have recently cottoned on will be a good idea ro preserve. Some dodgy bits, especially in the TC on a Friday and Sat night but also some good pubs and a few good restaurants in TC, but lots in surrounding villages. State schools good - couple are Outstanding, we also have grammar schools and a couple of good private schools. Lots of outlying villages have good access to the station such as Cobham, Shorne, Meopham, Istead Rise and Higham. Within the town look at places in the conservation areas and to its east, west and south. Oh and you can be in Paris for lunch if you jump on the train at Ebbsfleet. HTH!

Flowerista Wed 27-Jul-11 21:52:43

Re-read your post: excellent Mother and baby groups at St Margarets church and in Istead Rise (that's outed me for sure!) and a Virgin Active at Medway (10 mins drive).

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