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New doors & flooring in a BTL

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Gonzo33 Tue 05-Jul-11 13:04:48

Hi all,

I own a house that I am currently renting out due to having to live abroad due to hubby's job.

When we move back to UK we will need to sell the house (approx 18mths) and before we do I would like to put new doors on the cupboards in the kitchen, new kick boards and new vinyl flooring. I don't want anything too expensive as am not the richest person in the world right now (just had to fork out majorly for the car to be fixed) but I would like to do it sooner rather than later so the tenant can get the benefit at least in the short term.

Have been having a look at these:{9372013/categories%3C{9372028}/categories%3C{9372108}/specificationsProductType=sheet_vinyl}

for flooring


for the cupboard doors and kick boards that go with.

What do you think?

I have a friend who is a builder that can install all of these for me at a nominal fee, just wanted an opinion on the products.

currently the cupboard doors are those horrid 1970's ones with the fake wood tops and cream vinyl main body on chip board. the shells to the cupboards are alright, not chipped or damaged in anyway that I know of so am happy to keep them.


G xx

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