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Water rates Guildford

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deste Mon 13-Jun-11 20:36:06

Can anyone give me an idea of how much you pay monthly/yearly for your water rates. The property is a 5 year old two bedroom 2 bathroom flat. Two people living in the flat. Thanks.

deste Mon 13-Jun-11 21:53:02


mummytime Mon 13-Jun-11 22:01:49

We have a water meter. I am very surprised if you don't in a flat.

deste Mon 13-Jun-11 23:12:48

There is a meter but we have had two plumbers in to repair leaks but the water company said to get someone else in but my DD can't really afford it. Her bill for a few months last year was over a thousand pounds and I want to know if that sounds correct.

mummytime Mon 13-Jun-11 23:22:29

Nope that sounds far far too high. I have a big house, and there are 5 of us, and out water bill is never that high.

LawrieMarlow Mon 13-Jun-11 23:24:13

That sounds a lot. My water bill (albeit it in Yorkshire) for one adult and two children in a three bedroom house is about £250 for the year.

ThunderboltKid Tue 14-Jun-11 08:17:38

Mine is £37 a month (2 bed flat in London with 2 people)

deste Tue 14-Jun-11 09:50:48

Hers does sound rediculous, thanks.

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