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American style fridge freezer sticking out slightly further than units in new kitchen - does it matter???

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LHmum Fri 03-Dec-10 22:40:55

We're having a new kitchen installed and ideally, we'd like to keep our existing American style fridge freezer as it's only 3 and half years old and is absolutely fine for our family's needs. However, the only thing is that it will stick out by about 7 cm - the thickness of the doors basically - do you think this matters? It will have two tall cupboards on one side of it, an overhead cupboad above it and a work top and drawers and wall cupboard on the other side of it. We looked into getting an integrated fridge/freezer but it will add a whopping £1400 to the final cost and seems pointless as we have a perfectly good fridge/freezer! Anybody else have this problem when they had their kitchen installed - if so, what did you do?

Alouiseg Fri 03-Dec-10 22:48:32

Most stick out a bit just so that the doors can open without bashing the units either side.

LHmum Fri 03-Dec-10 22:52:17

That's a really good point actually, hadn't thought of that. Thanks.

Docbunches Sat 04-Dec-10 15:25:54

Hi, we had this EXACT problem when we had a new fitted kitchen installed earlier this year.

I must admit it didn't bother me particularly, but my picky DP didn't like it at all, so we got the kitchen fitter to come back and pull the units forward in line with the American fridge freezer. We got it done for nothing as the company who sold us the kitchen (Wickes) admitted they didn't point this problem out when we bought it. So fair play to Wickes.

Therefore, it IS possible to fix this problem and I would definitely see if your kitchen fitters can bring the units forward by 7cm (that was the exact differential we had as well!, unfortunately, the work had already been done in our case, so it added another day's work for the fitter, but he still got paid by Wickes).

It looks much better now, IMO.

Docbunches Sat 04-Dec-10 15:34:18

I should have added that our fridge freezer doors don't bash the units either side, even after they had all been aligned with each other, as we have approx 2cm gap either side (which you can barely notice).

amerryscot Sat 04-Dec-10 15:50:58

You can get a wider worktop so that your units can be pulled out flush with the fridge. We did this for a large washing machine.

maryfarquhar Sat 04-Dec-10 16:47:45

Ours does this, but it only bothered me the day it was installed but I haven't thought about it since. UNTIL NOW!

alp Sat 04-Dec-10 22:30:23

We had this exact problem but the units around and worktops had already been installed so nothing could be done. 6 months later I don't notice it at all.

LHmum Sun 05-Dec-10 13:12:04

Will definitely have a look into the possibilities of having the units brought forwards and wider worktops - thanks for ideas - but I have a feeling that it might impact the layout of the rest of the kitchen. Not sure? Anyway, also good know that there others who are quite happily living with their fridge freezers sticking out a bit.........until my post - sorry maryfarqhuar!

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