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Carpet Barn- any good?

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ampere Tue 16-Nov-10 12:22:01

I need a piece of carpet for my living room which is 5.3m x 3.3m

I, on the advice of my colleagues, went to Carpet Barn (which I assume is a chain?) where they do have stacks of 'offcuts'.

Thing is, they don't tell you the composition of each carpet so you don't really know if you're looking at a really well priced 80/20 50oz twist which would normally sell at £30 m2, or acrylic, at £11 m2.

I appreciate I need to do the maths in that if I buy a bit way bigger than I need because it's the 'right' carpet, I am paying over the odds against the stuff my carpet fitter could supply at normal price, aren't I? I will need 4m wide carpet anyway, so will actually need 21.1 m2 to carpet my 17.5 m2 room.

The 2 salesmen were v. busy so I didn't chat to anyone.

Do Carpet Barn make serious money on delivery and 'extras', a thing I've been told happens at these places?

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