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Which wallpaper please? take a look ...

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TotorosOcarina Fri 27-Aug-10 20:04:39

duck egg - though have done bedroom duck egg already

or cherry blossom

another duck egg here


Hassled Fri 27-Aug-10 20:06:19

What room? The whole room? Definately not the last - way too shiney and a bit 80s.

PortBlacksand Fri 27-Aug-10 20:07:03

Cherry Blossom very pretty for a bedroom. Not sure about, say, a living room though.

TotorosOcarina Fri 27-Aug-10 20:09:55

shit sorry, the living room!

biglips Fri 27-Aug-10 20:10:07

they are all lovely and i wud prefer the shiny one in the dining rm to make it formal looking so depends what room ya talking about? whole or partial room?

Fluffypoms Fri 27-Aug-10 20:10:17

second the vote for cherry blossom

TotorosOcarina Fri 27-Aug-10 20:10:34

I can't find anything else for under £12 a roll!

Hassled Fri 27-Aug-10 20:11:27

Can you not just paint it?

GrendelsMum Fri 27-Aug-10 20:12:39

I'm not sure I like any of them, to be honest. How about looking out for wallpaper in the sales, or spare rolls on Ebay?

blametheparents Fri 27-Aug-10 20:17:12

I like the 3rd one best

blametheparents Fri 27-Aug-10 20:18:37

We've got this in our dining room which is pretty similar

TotorosOcarina Fri 27-Aug-10 20:18:47

Am open to other suggestions!

Don't want to paint it, needs wallpapering

fanjolina Fri 27-Aug-10 21:42:33

A friend has this throughout her living room and it is stunning. (Picture on website doesnt do it justice. Bit over your price range though.

DuelingFanjo Fri 27-Aug-10 21:46:23

wilkinsons do a range of wallpapers like this for under £8 if you have one near you.

DuelingFanjo Fri 27-Aug-10 21:47:15


UnrequitedSkink Sat 28-Aug-10 00:20:20

Ooh yeah, this one is nice and well under budget!

MelBlond Fri 02-Sep-11 16:18:48

The only one I could view was the first one...looks nice enough but can't say which one is my preference :-(
What about going for something a bit more daring on one feature wall and painting the other walls?

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