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Is B&Q paint okay or should I shell out for a named one?

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DitaVonCheese Mon 16-Aug-10 22:20:36

And how pricey is F&B (since I suspect that's what I'm going to get told to use wink) really?

I've been given carte blanche to go out and get paint while DH is away this week (whoopee!). Would like not to have to do more coats than necessary but mainly painting over light colours/lining paper. Also need plain old white for ceilings/woodwork. Are Crown/Dulux noticeably better or is B&Q own-brand fine (subject to like the colours, obviously)?


Furball Tue 17-Aug-10 08:06:27

I found B & Q own brand paint to be complete rubbish.

I was painting over a cream wall with a very pale blue (cape cod) and it took 3 coats!

I usually use Dulux no problems - and they will mix any colour you fancy.

If you are painting white over white, then fine to use a cheap paint.

Anything else use something decent.

F&B bit more expensive than Dulux unless on offer.

(From DP who is a professional)

shazbean Tue 17-Aug-10 08:18:13

B&Q own brand is not worth the money, Dulux/Crown are much better. Have used Homebase own brand and its actually not bad although it was onto plain walls and not to cover anything.

overmydeadbody Tue 17-Aug-10 08:24:36

Well, I have always used homebase own white silk emulsion for my walls and it is fine. Two coats nicely covered the horrible magnolia walls.

Furball Tue 17-Aug-10 08:24:54

I too have used Homebase own brand and it's fine - although it was kitchen/bathroom paint.

mablemurple Tue 17-Aug-10 08:34:17

Don't for god's sake use Laura Ashley paint - it's dreadful.

AmazingBouncingFerret Tue 17-Aug-10 08:35:44

Bugger, I recently bought 2 tubs of B&Q paint for DS's bedroom, planning on giving it a new colour when DD moves in with him. It'll do for their bedroom surely?? (please say yes)

Squiz Tue 17-Aug-10 08:56:04

I used B&Q's paint for the childrens bedrooms - it will be absolutely fine!

We've used Dulux in the rest of the house but only becuase they were the colours we picked. In our old house we used B&Q paint in every room - who could really tell once it's on the wall where the paint comes from!!!

noddyholder Tue 17-Aug-10 09:31:21

B and q colours everywhere is quite good but dulux better and F and B v good colour

You need an extra coat when using B & Q own IME

magichomes Tue 17-Aug-10 11:46:03

You can't go wrong with Dulux. Everyone in the interiors trade uses them. I like Crown too.

F&B is rarely worth the money IMO. Many of its colours (particularly its off-whites) look no different to flat matt emulsion from Dulux, and are difficult to work with. It's not unknown to have to apply three coats.

For the darker, more heavily pigmented colours, though, do get F&B - these colours are hard to match with a spec mix and time has as much a value as paint!

Other good but pricey paint ranges are Craig & Rose, Fired Earth and Sanderson. If you totally fall in love with a colour, don't bother with getting a cheap one mixed to match - "almost the real thing" will never satisfy you, and the price differential won't be worth the aggro.

I have never tried B&Q own label except for the trade white but now you've got me thinking...

DitaVonCheese Tue 17-Aug-10 11:51:11

Thanks all!

EdgarAllenPop Tue 17-Aug-10 12:09:25

B&Q gloss - not great (thin, drippy) Wickes much better
B&Q colours - actually rather nice - my bedroom went from 'nasty 70's mushroom' to 'soft sunlight' in 2 coats
B&Q Kitchen & bathroom paint - quite good though a bit like slightly thin gloss.

funnily enough we used B&Q value for our lounge and some people thought it was an expensive one (because, presumably, of the slightly imperfct finish) unfortunately it isn't very cleanable and looks crap 3 years later. Next time - I'll know a bit extra on paint is worth it, particularly in a busy area.

BikeRunSki Tue 17-Aug-10 12:12:46

After trial and error decorating two houses - Dulux everytime!

SpringHeeledJack Tue 17-Aug-10 12:13:56

Dulux = fine

B and Q = seriously labour intensive

F and B = massively overpriced. But doesn't it have some eco thing going on?

Sanderson = like a fairy is holding your roller and helping you move it up and down. Or like you are Snow White and all the bunnies squirrels and bluebirds are doing it for you

frostyfingers Tue 17-Aug-10 12:24:15

I'm a fan of the Dulux Heritage colours - similar to F&B without the weird names, and some interesting, slightly different shades without being hugely overpriced.

If doing an undercoat though, I always use a trade one, no particular brand.

DukesOfTripHazard Tue 17-Aug-10 12:52:24

LOL SpringheeledJack! I just had that feeling with a Dulux colour.

webminx Tue 17-Aug-10 13:02:06

Dulux all the way. We went for B&Q own brand and ended up painting the same area over and over and over again to get decent coverage. And no, I don't enjoy painting.
Sanderson sounds lovely though :-) ref Springheeledjack!
Would also recommend going for the best brush/roller you can as I find that makes a big difference too.

Furball Tue 17-Aug-10 13:56:43

I always use Harris rollers and brushes - not that much expensive but sooo much better than cheap ones

noddyholder Tue 17-Aug-10 14:02:23

Decent brushes worth every penny!

DitaVonCheese Wed 18-Aug-10 14:00:24

Thanks again. We have got paint pad things rather than brushes, on the advice of my mum.

Where is the best/cheapest place to buy? Not sure our local B&Q even had Sanderson range. Live very close to a Homebase, so can check there, but even the smallest stop-offs seem to take a lot longer with DD involved.

Innat Wed 18-Aug-10 20:24:29

We used B&Q colours in both our bedrooms, one very bright colour which took 2 coats, and one magnolia which was 2 coats, both look great.

Used Dulux in kitchen and bathroom - also took 2 coats.

used a variety of white paints, the only bad experience was a "value" white several years ago which was still terrible after 5 coats on a ceiling!

I paint very thickly (i.e. uberload my roller) after many years of practising. I think your technique probably has as much to do with it as the paint if you're not a professional!

MintyBadger Wed 18-Aug-10 20:33:40

B+Q one coat is great. I think unless you go for white emulsion then most paint is much of a muchness (IME) and you're just paying for your colour preference.

maize Thu 19-Aug-10 16:06:57

We mostly use B&Q and its been fine.

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