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Primary schools in Wimbledon

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CHT Fri 11-Dec-09 22:21:02

Hi- husband's job has just moved and I'm fed up of a long commute, so we're thinking of moving down to Wimbledon. DS is due to start school in September as arising five.

Which are the good schools to try to get into and is it really as hard as people say to get into a really good school? We're heathens, so faith criteria won't help us (though don't object to DS attending a faith school). We're renting initially, so have a bit of flexibility about location.



merrymonsters Sat 12-Dec-09 15:02:57

A good area is the one, which has Merton Park Primary, Dundonald Primary or Wimbledon Chase Primary. Merton Park and Dundonald are one-form entry and this year's reception classes have 20+ siblings in them. Firstborns had to live very close to get a place. At Merton Park, you had to live within about 300m in a straight line. Wimbledon Chase is now three-form entry so it's probably a bit easier to get a place.

So my advice is - rent as close as you can to the school you want.

CHT Mon 14-Dec-09 12:29:12

Thanks. Looks like Dundonald won't be possible (no houses available on doorstep) and I'm not convinced about one of the really big schools (eg 90 in a year), even if they are "outstanding", as DS is only used to a small nursery nd the move will be enough of an upheaval without throwing him into a huge school as well. So Pelham looks like the frontrunner

All so complicated!!!!

titchy Mon 14-Dec-09 12:53:07

Aren't you a bit late now - I thought applications had to be in at the end of October?

caen Tue 15-Dec-09 11:57:00

Rent close to Bishop Gilpin - good luck affording it though! Has the Wimbldeon Village lot before they go off to private schools and has very high strandards. I live in Southfields which has a couple of good schools - would you consider living there? Highest amounts of under 5s in Western Europe so lots on offer!

florenceuk Tue 15-Dec-09 21:54:54

Priory and Holy Trinity worth considering - HOT has two form entry now, so if you live close by you are much more likely to get in even as a heathen. And you will also be in the catchment for the Priory. Both are pretty good schools but are both two form entry now.

PardonMyClench Tue 15-Dec-09 22:01:23

In Wimbledon - when people say close to the school - you do have to be very close as in the next street to guarantee a place.

caen Wed 16-Dec-09 10:35:17

Definitely within a few streets I think. You can phone the school and ask where the guaranteed catchment area is and then try to find a street that covers two good schools to increase your chances. Lots of people around here move out to Surrey so hopefully the wait shouldn't be too long and you'll jump to the top of the waiting list.

pdonegan Fri 01-Apr-16 09:51:12

Hi, I'm looking into living either close to Dundonald or to Wimbledon Chase, but I'm having difficulties to find the catchment areas of each. Would anyone know? The schools are all closed at the moment because of half term and we are visiting places this weekend and hoping to already close a deal. So could anyone help me out with the catchment areas or even the actual links where I can find this info?

Elbo7 Fri 01-Apr-16 10:01:50

Hi pdonegan
All the info should be on the Merton Council website - hoping this link works!

TrainBridge Fri 01-Apr-16 10:26:26

Wimbledon Chase has a promotion admissions area which is on the Merton website. People locally say the size isn't a problem and it has amazing grounds and tons of clubs and activities.

Dundonald is two form entry as of this year, so this year's figures are a bit misleadingly large. It will also have a priory admissions area from next year, I think.

The Priory is really quite religious - atheist friends who were assigned to it found things like the Star of the Week's prize being to lead the class prayers every day rather grating.

TrainBridge Fri 01-Apr-16 10:26:59

Priority - neither promotion nor priory!

pdonegan Fri 01-Apr-16 10:42:24

I've found now the catchment area for Wimbledon Case, but not for Dundonald. Is that the one that doesn't really exist and will only be defined next year?
What would your feeling be considering living on Henfield Road or Fairlawn Road. Do you think those would probably get a place on Dundonald and/or Wimbledon Chase?

TrainBridge Fri 01-Apr-16 11:17:06

The map you need is on p.7:

pdonegan Fri 01-Apr-16 11:33:14

Thank you so much! That's exactly it! :-)

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