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How to encourage sounding/reading words from left to right?

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katalex Wed 11-Nov-09 12:26:25

Dd is in reception and has just started reading the stage 1 ORT books with words. She seems ok sounding out words with 2 letters such as 'at' or 'is' but when it comes to words like 'got' or 'Biff' she says words starting with the last letter. I asked the teacher about this at parents evening but she didn't really have any suggestions. She said they used to do a lot to encourage left to right orientation but it's not done these days. Any ideas?

Acinonyx Wed 11-Nov-09 12:56:55

Dd (reception) does this sometimes. Always trace the word along with your finger from left to right as she is reading and it will stick eventually.

mummyeme Wed 11-Nov-09 14:41:49

My dd did this and I asked the advice of the primary teacher I work with (which helped a lot). The teacher asked me if dd is left handed as it happens a lot with left handed children, but either way try to do the following: Making lines across with your finger from left to right in bath bubbles/sand etc, point out things which are travelling from left to right, just really try to emphasise that direction. As you read take your finger along the words from left to right and maybe she can copy you too (you can still stop to read each word) but it's just emphasising that direction as much as possible. I found it really worked and dds fine, the teacher said that it isn't uncommon and to try the above.
Hope I've helped.

Acinonyx Wed 11-Nov-09 14:50:55

That's interesting - dd is left-handed.

thecloudhopper Wed 11-Nov-09 16:37:50

something I have seen in a class setting but never done is left to right directional practice where 1st you have 4/5 key simbols for example circle trangle ect each have their own action ie triangle would be hop on the spot. On a big piece of paper you have a sentence of simbols that the children read from left to right with the teacher pointing to them each time they get to a simbol. Eventually she ads words to the mix so they learn kinesthetically about left to right reading direction.

katalex Thu 12-Nov-09 10:50:22

Thanks, I'll give those a try. I guess the key is perseverance. It's very difficult for me not to get frustrated so I have to try to hide that. I want her to see reading as fun.

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