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Question about applying out of catchment

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Choosparp Sat 07-Nov-09 23:11:24

Apologies if this has been asked before...

We're in split catchment so have two schools to choose from, one of which we like and the other we're not so keen on. But there's one geographically closer that we like more than the other two, but it's outside our catchment. All are over-subscribed.

Does anyone know: if we put the out-of-catchment one as first choice and don't get in, will that affect our chances of getting in to our preferred catchment one? I don't want to try for the out-of-c one if it risks us ending up with the 3rd option, IYSWIM.

Hope the question makes sense - advice appreciated!

madamy Sat 07-Nov-09 23:23:39

I think you need to check with your LEA. We could choose 3 schools and they 'assessed' us for each one individually. We were then offered a place at the one highest up our list that dd got into iykwim!

prh47bridge Mon 09-Nov-09 21:06:16

Actually you don't need to check with your LEA. This is set down by law and the LEA must comply.

Your application will be considered separately for each school. The school will not be told where in your preferences it was named, so they will have no idea if they are your first or second choice (or even lower down the list). You will be allocated a place at the highest choice school with an available place. If there are no places available at any of the schools you choose, you will be allocated a place at the nearest school with places available.

So placing the out of catchment school as your first choice will not affect your chances of getting in to your preferred catchment school.

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