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Moving schools mid term - relocating - need to find two school places and a preschool..anyone else done this?

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cakesaway Sat 07-Nov-09 12:11:49

I'm moving my kids to a new area - unbelievable stress. Looking for school places, a preschool place and a house to rent all in an area I don't know. I need a moving Buddy! Has anyone done this? Any hints and tips.....

sunnylabsmum Sat 07-Nov-09 13:06:16

we are currently in the throes of moving from overseas, buying a house and arranging a school place for DD. Oh and getting things out of storage and then 6 weeks after our things left they will hopefully turn up with us in the Uk. Do hope so as xmas tree and stuff in this lot!! Also we are having to export our car back into the uk- get another car out of storage and also get the dog moved from overseas home- stress????

must admit i am grateful that DD's place was sorted quite easily. I had viewed a few schools earlier in the year when i was back, and had a pretty good idea of which one i wanted which is often oversubscribed. I applied for this school alone, and spent some time thinking about how I could appeal the decision and home educate, so imagine how deflated (but in a good way!) i was when i found out she had got in!!. Luckily only have 1 child to sort out.

good luck with your plans

MumNWLondon Sun 08-Nov-09 12:03:27

Thats hard! Why not post where you are moving to and hope that a mumsnet member will be your buddy. Clearly school and house most important and I'd strongly recommend renting something very near the school.

Runoutofideas Sun 08-Nov-09 16:49:23

I agree with saying where you are going to - you may get some useful local knowledge from someone....

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