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Move to Bookham or Ashtead?

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Fruitgums Wed 07-Oct-09 11:52:53


I am new to this forum and looking for some advice please. I am thinking of moving to either Bookham or Ashtead in Surrey as I work in Leatherhead and would prefer to have a short journey to work.

My DS is currently 2 but I need to be living close to my prefered school by next September 2010 as the deadline is first week of October 2010 for the next year's intake.

Does anyone have any advice on which area is best to move to? I think that I prefer Bookham as they have a fab secondary school but am I being silly in basing my judgement on that bearing in mind my DS is only 2?

Any advice would be great as I fear that I'm developing a 'tunnel visiun' attitude to this!


Fruitgums Wed 07-Oct-09 14:08:25


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