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primary school in Roundhay area in leeds, please help

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avi1 Wed 24-Jun-09 13:42:10

I am mum of a 7 year old and we are moving to Roundhay area in July 09.I would be grateful if some one could help me with the schools for my son.We have to move from Belfast so he has for the moment been given a place at Moortown primary but I have heard Talbot / highfield are good as well. So quite unsure where to rent /buy the house so he can go to a school with good reputation.
How is Moortown rated by local parents?
Please help.
Best Regards.

kristinaben Thu 25-Jun-09 22:35:01

Generally Talbot is regarded as being the best primary in Roundhay but it is extremely difficult to get in to. This year they have reduced the catchment area from 0.5miles to 0.3 miles and there are lots of siblings that get priority entrance. I know a number of children that go to Highfields and the parents are very happy with it but don't know how hard it is to get in there. I have heard good things about Moortown primary but don't know anybody who goes there personally.

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