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Supervision by teaching assistants

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moodywren Mon 15-Jun-09 20:14:26

Does anyone know if there are any rules about the amount of time a teaching assistant can look after a class while the teacher is away?
My daughter seems to spend an large amount of time with teaching assistants.

Hulababy Mon 15-Jun-09 20:21:22

I am a level 3 TA (PT) and my terms and conditions mean that I do first day of unplanned absence if the class teacher is away; planned days or additional unplanned days are covered by supply teachers. I also cover the ICT session for my class teacher (she is on PPA at that time) for an hour or so eachweek - a regular session each week. I cover snack time sometimes too to give the teacher her break if she is on playtime duty.

I am also a qualified teacher with QTS and 10 years classroom experience, so I am def qualified enough to be in charge.

At that time I am following the teacher's planning, although I able to sdo some of my own for ICT sometimes (qualified ICT teacher).

TBH sometimes the children are better having me supervising them than a supply teacher they don't know. We are luckily that ost of our supply is regular and well known and good, but the odd one is not great.

moodywren Mon 15-Jun-09 20:26:02

Are there any rules to say that planned days away should be covered by a supply teacher or can a teaching assistant take a class or children for indefinate periods.

Do you have to be a level 3 to take the class?

Thanks for your reply Hulababy.

Hulababy Mon 15-Jun-09 20:33:38

I think whether TAs can take lessons depends on what level they are and what there terms and conditions/contract says.

A high level TA (level 4) would possibly be expected to do a lot more cover, as would a cover supervisor.

I don't think level 1 TAs are supposed to do cover, not sure on the legal side though.

PanicMum Mon 15-Jun-09 21:41:35

Hi I am a Level4/5 Higher Level Teaching Assistant and I support within class in the mornings but cover teachers PPA time every afternoon. I am also available to teach a class if the teacher is off sick or on a course. I have a degree in Childhood Studies and had to have at lots of experience to prove I could meet the assessed standards to become an HLTA. Level 1 TA's are not allowed to cover and Level 2's shouldn't really but are sometimes used in emergencies. Hope this helps.

thecloudhopper Tue 16-Jun-09 17:48:14

I am a level 3 TA and I have the class at times for example my teacher went home early Friday I had the children, got them ready for home and dismissed them. If the teacher is held up I set them off on activities ect.
In Wales you must be level 3 to be left with a group of children unsupervised.

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