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Private School -how much does it REALLY cost ?

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DefNotYummyMummy Tue 03-Mar-09 14:38:11

I know you have prices per term, but how much are uniforms, school trips & other activities ? Then the cost of forking out for extra help during their extended holidays ? I am starting my late august born son to a nursery attached to a private school. The fees of the nursery are slightly cheaper than day care and we thought it may give him the best start as he will be the youngest in year when he starts school. Yje grounds look wonderful, but I doubt we'll send him to the main school unless we don't get into our preferred choice, in which case we may send him for reception and hope we get a place elsewhere as closest schools are dire. I was just much does it really cost. The term fees we could manage for a year or two, but I was thinking but I wonder how much all the other crap costs that goes with it. Sorry so long.

LIZS Tue 03-Mar-09 16:31:40

Uniform initially for our two - one entering Reception , one year 3 was over £300, without basics like shoes and trainers etc even though much was form the school second hand sales. The sports kit and blazer in aprticualr are expensive. Trips and curriculum related extras vary but we have just had a tot up and reckon between .25% and .5% of fees. Some schools also charge for lunches and books separately to term fees, plus there can be insurance, additional swimming lessons, clubs and afterschool care to allow for on top.

As an August born child you may be able to claim the Early Years funding from LEA for Reception fees - check with Bursar that they participate - it saved us over £500 per term.

mummydoc Tue 03-Mar-09 17:03:59

my dd1 in yr 4 is now costing £12,000 per year. the fees are £3200 per term and each term extras add up to about £800. This includes £22/wk sining lesson, £22 per week piano, £22 learning support. trips etc, the odd night boarding £25/week and about £100 per term on sundry bits of uniforn, new shoes etc. for reception in sept my dd2 has cost £230 to kit out ( some stuff from her sibling and second hand) and her fees will be £2200 per term. it is a LOT of money. i would warn against starting witht he view to doing a yr or 2 - you will never take him out, i am sorry but most state school just cannot compete on facilities, grounds , curriculum, activities etc.

scrooged Tue 03-Mar-09 17:07:45

Add on another 1K for transport/trips per term, music lessons £300 a term, uniform £400, PTA events £200 a year, sponsorship and fundraising on top of this. Some schools charge for the after school clubs.

mummydoc Tue 03-Mar-09 17:11:54

oops should be singing lesson not sining on the other hand that might describe her nicely.....

pagwatch Tue 03-Mar-09 17:13:39

depends entirely on the school. It really really does.

[helpful emoticon]

Hulababy Tue 03-Mar-09 17:18:53

DD is in PP3 (Y2) so infants.

For us:

Included in fees - school dinners, milk, local day trips, SEN/G&T support, books, exam fees, swimming, sports, etc.


- uniform (ours is strict uniform with coat and hat in winter; blazer and boater in summer) both sets plus art pinny, PE and ballet kits, leather satchel, etc. initially probably nearly £500; maybe about £100 a year after that, more if needs new coat. There is a second hand school shop too.

- residential trips or those further afield - no residential in infants; only paid towards one school trip so far and that was £5 towards a Christmas trip; PTA paid the rest

- individual music tuition; from prep (juniors) onwards is £100 per term

- breakfast club is £2 a day inc breakfast; optional to attend though

- after school care until 5:30pm - £4 a session

- after school activities clubs (until 5pm) - £4-5 per activity a week

And like with all schools there are charity days, PTA events and sponsorchip events. We have no more of these than any other school though and there is no additional expectation to pay in more money to these. Infact we have less of these such days than the state primary I work at.

georgiemum Tue 03-Mar-09 17:25:44

lunch - £270 per term
uniform - coat £66, trousers £14, jumpers £14, cardigan £30, summer shirts £25, summer shorts £12, socks £8 (!!!!!!!), hat £5, cap £5, t-shirt £5, gym suit £14 and £12 (top and bottoms)... sport bag £12, book bag £5...
Clubs - £125 per term
Trips - about £12 per term
Book Week - optional (usually about £10 to buy books)
Plus... sponsorships, tickets for pantomine, plays, fete...

I have to lie down now...

Oh - school bus - wait for it - I have on good authority that it is £850 per term.
Oh oh and ther fees tens to go up each year (about £100-200 per term in my experience)

Does anyone know where I can sell a kidney? One careful owner.

moopymoo Tue 03-Mar-09 17:31:14

very much depends where you are in the country. Here in NW we pay 6000 p/a for junior school, will go up to around £8000 when ds1 goes to Senior school next year. And the uniform here is not that much (well its a chunk of money, certainly,but..) £35 for blazer prob. once a year, school pe kit prob about £150 total per year. Rest of uniform we get at tesco or m&s etc. Yes, it goes up a chunk annually. Clubs and things can add up, but no more than at many state schools (dh is teacher in state secondary.)

MollieO Tue 03-Mar-09 19:09:49

We got early years funding for ds in reception plus they will accept childcare vouchers (if your employer does them) as payment towards fees in reception and then for wraparound and holiday care after that.

Lunch is £2.20 per day. Other than the tracksuit, ds's school uniform was cheaper than local state school.

Before school care £1.50 per session.
After school care £2.50 per session.
Piano lessons £8.50 per lesson (cheaper than market rate).
Kinder music £1.50 per session (I had been paying £5 a session for the council run equivalent).

After school clubs (from year 2) are mostly free.

Obviously school fees on top but compared to some I think we get off lightly!

MollieO Tue 03-Mar-09 19:12:30

I've said it before but I did a spreadsheet for pre-prep and junior prep to work out the total cost, allowing for extras and average fee increases. I worked out that ds's school was the equivalent of a year cheaper than the other private school we looked at (although that wasn't the deciding factor it was a nice surprise).

SAMS73 Tue 03-Mar-09 19:21:47

I have a july born child - what is early years funding?She is ONLY 8 months now grin

LIZS Tue 03-Mar-09 19:34:22

Term after they turn 3 (may change to 2 at some point) your chidl is entitled to 12 1/2 (rising to 15 in 2010) hours per week spread over 5 sessions, termtime only, of preschool education funded by LEA, assuming the childcare(can be nursery, preschool, childminder etc) is registered for it and meets certain criteria. In private schools which are part of the scheme it can apply until the term after they turn 5, but not all meet the LEA's criteria.

MollieO Tue 03-Mar-09 20:31:55

I thought it was the term in which they turn 5, so for my June born ds we get funding up to and including the summer term 2009 but not for autumn 2009 term. I'd be delighted to be told I'm wrong!

LIZS Wed 04-Mar-09 08:16:33

That's right, sorry I badly worded it, you get it until and including the term of their 5th bday, then it stops from the term after.

DefNotYummyMummy Wed 04-Mar-09 08:21:58

Oh dear ! I knew there would be exra costs involved, but I certainly wasn't prepared for this. Eek. I think the school does use the early years funding and so maybe we can put him in reception as well ? It really is such a worry, these schools. I am stuck in the middle of West Sussex and Surrey as they closed down my village school 3 years ago sad as they said there weren't enough children which is a load of bollocks and funnily enough the Parish want to see the listed building now. Effing jerks.

Thanks for all the info. I think it may be out for us. Maybe when he does his GCSE's ?

DefNotYummyMummy Wed 04-Mar-09 08:23:18

Not see ! SELL the building. Silly woman.

snorkle Wed 04-Mar-09 09:15:16

It does vary a lot though. Uniform can often be reasonably priced second hand and my recollection of infants is that there weren't many expensive extras (too young for music lessons or school trips abroad etc). Check if lunches are included as they can add up, though I guess you could always do packed.

Cosette Wed 04-Mar-09 09:22:57

If you've a good state primary nearby, then it would be worth sending him there, and then putting aside money in case you need it for secondary/senior level school. My DDs and quite a few of their friends moved from state to private at Year 7, and it has worked well for us.

islandofsodor Wed 04-Mar-09 09:54:22

Our uniform was bought from the school swop shop

Blazer = £30 (swop shop)
Pinafores = £5
Trousers (for ds) (normal M & S)
Shirts/blouses (M & S/Asda)
Tie = £2.50
PE Shorts = £3
PE Tshirt = £7.50
Jumpers £15 new £5 swop shop

Lunches included in fees.

After school care £70 per term
Teacher run clubs free, things like ballet £2.50 per week
All trips included except year 6 residentital

More sports stuff is needed from Year 3 onwards plus there were a few bits like lunch tabards and paingin aprons.

EachPeachPearMum Wed 04-Mar-09 10:10:40

DD's blazer- £84
summer dress- £34

She is 3- I needed a lie down after seeing the list shock

MollieO Wed 04-Mar-09 10:13:46

If my ds was a dd then his school kilt would have cost £65. Fortunately his uniform is grey shorts so very cheap to buy. Blazer not compulsory until year 2 but I ended up getting one as everyone else had one. Got a larger size and took the sleeves up so I reckon it will last a few years. £34 for a dress, ouch!

EachPeachPearMum Wed 04-Mar-09 10:25:54

I wouldn't mind so much Mollie... but the uniform is vile and I hate it. I am going to be spending the next 10 years looking at it probably (DS as well, 3 years younger) sad

Lemontart Wed 04-Mar-09 10:30:33

shock had no idea that the extras amount for so much!! We were considering switching for DD1 but cannot afford 1k for trips a term!! What are they doing? Barbados for two weeks per term??
Some outrageous costs mentioned in this thread. Not all, but enough to worry me.
£300 for a uniform that they are likely to outgrow really fast.. ouch!!

Fimbo Wed 04-Mar-09 10:34:08

Can I ask how you pay your fees? Do you pay yours monthly and are your charged more for doing so?

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