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How many book bag books

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coffeekaren Thu 16-Oct-08 07:05:23

Good morning - this is to check with you all that I am either worrying over nothing or should do something (my gut is to speak to teacher). My ds just started in y1, he is september born and really progressed rapidly in reception (he had very bad glue ear and did not really start to speak until after op last year). Anyway reading in reception was great at least 2 books a week and comments in book bag book and feedback from TA who did reading with DS etc.

This year reading assistance is carried out by deputy head - feedback to me at parents meeting is ds is getting confident in reading but.... since sept he has only brought 3 books home (one of which was a much lower level as he had swopped with his friend) and we have not had one comment in his book bag book - is this normal? also he appears to me to have absolutely no progress with his reading - I have purchased a book set to do at home with him but getting quitely worried that the school do not appear to be that bothered thanks (and soory quite rambling I get to work very early)

hana Thu 16-Oct-08 07:32:19

I would be concerned that he has only brought 3 books since September shock dd (although in year 2) has had dozens.
re comment s- dd hardly has any comments in her record book, think as they become more confident and fluent, there really isn't much to say other than 'fantastic' 'good expressions' etc etc

kid Thu 16-Oct-08 07:46:37

My DC usually bring home one book a week.
As long as you are returning the old book on the correct day, I don't see why he isn't getting a new book more frequently.

As for the reading, not sure if they do two intakes at your DS's school. If they do, there would have only been 15 children from Sept to Jan, plenty of time for someone to listen to the children read. 30 children is alot for someone to listen to read on a regular basis on top of all their other duties in the classroom. Therefore listening to the children read may not be possible.

There is no harm in asking the teacher about it though. It would at least make them aware that they change his book more often.
Its also good for you to be reading with him at home like you are already doing.

bozza Thu 16-Oct-08 08:26:49

I would speak to his teacher. Maybe there is a hitch in the system. eg when my DS was in Y1 and he wanted to change his reading book he had to take it and his reading record out of his book bag and put them in a crate with any others for changing which the teacher dealt with at lunchtime. However one day a week it was her preparation time or there was a staff meeting or something and she couldn't do it.

I have to say though that DS (Y3) is only on his second book of the year. But it is long, of course.

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