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Is anyone bouycotting this present buying hysteria?

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DrNortherner Wed 16-Jul-08 14:44:27


posieflump Wed 16-Jul-08 14:45:13

I'm hoping someone is gong to do a whip round but fear it may be too late

dinny Wed 16-Jul-08 14:46:02

whip round at our school - £3 each. so, sort of

MadBadandDangeroustoKnow Wed 16-Jul-08 14:48:29

Errr .... I think I may be about to join it for the first time, as this year's teacher has worked so hard in very trying circs so this is the first time I've seen the point!

Pidge Wed 16-Jul-08 14:53:25

I'm not buying anything for dd1's teacher. But dd1 has made her a card, complete with illegible but heartfelt expression of her devotion to her inside!

My dp is a teacher, and it's the cards/letters that are the best tings to receive.

constancereader Wed 16-Jul-08 14:56:09

Agree that cards with a message are the best things to get. My favourite of all time read

Deer Mis

Tank yu for tichin me mats, since and litrice.

luv x

She was only four so that was very good spelling!

KatieScarlett2833 Wed 16-Jul-08 14:56:33

Me, but only because I forgot blush.

Fimbo Wed 16-Jul-08 14:57:55

DD's teacher is getting nothing. I will buy for ds's nursery teachers as I see them on a daily basis and chat to them, I have never met dd's teacher (dh has at parents night etc).

throckenholt Wed 16-Jul-08 14:58:04

I have never yet bought a present for a teacher - I sort of assume they get inundated anyway.

I will this year give a card to say thanks to the teacher who has taught my 3 in the last 3 years.

iBundle Wed 16-Jul-08 14:58:55

hysteria? hmm

saffy202 Wed 16-Jul-08 16:01:43

Ds's school decided this year to move everyone up a year at the end of June, so he had to say goodbye to his teacher then. I forgot and thought I had loads of time left to get somethingblush

unknownrebelbang Wed 16-Jul-08 16:23:07

I don't consider buying/making a small gift/card hysteria, which is what we do, and not every year (children generally have the same class teacher for two years).

MadamAnt Wed 16-Jul-08 16:27:11

Mine aren't at school yet, but I have no plans to buy presents. It seems so American.

HappyMummyOfOne Wed 16-Jul-08 20:18:24

I dont consider it hysteria either. Teachers spend a lot of time with our children, a good teacher can make all the difference and its nice to be thanked if they have done a great job.

I've bought both the teacher and TA a present from DS as its his first year at school and they helped him settle and he's really blossomed. They answer all my questions and understand my worries re trips etc and I want them to know I appreciate that.

He will keep the same teacher for the next two years as well and I am glad he will.

Threadwworm Wed 16-Jul-08 20:22:17

The whole present-for-teacher thing annoys me. It is a recent invention, the conversion of yet another occasion into consumerism.

Teachers are professionals. I respect them and I thank them but I would no more buy them a present than I would buy my doctor a present.

stitch Wed 16-Jul-08 20:24:24

thats what the class reps job is.
to do a whip round, buy a card, get everyone to sign it, then go buy the teahers and the ta's some vouchers.
works out much much cheaperm and the teachers get to buy a present they like. we usually get marks, so that they can spend on groceries if they want

filthymindedvixen Wed 16-Jul-08 20:38:13

DRN, after a large thread of soul-searching earlier this evening, we have produced 2 glitter-bedecked cards, still dripping with PVA. And that is their lot...

I mean, as I pointed out to myseklf () I attend gov meetings, I bake cakes, I facepaint at events, I even took time off to help with a trip which would have been cancelled, I have donated books to library and I have helped with other stuff. I am time and cash poor so....

Hulababy Wed 16-Jul-08 20:41:24

No, I was happy to buy DD's teacher a gift and card (latter made by DD) to say thank you. She has been fantastic and IMO deserves it.

I honestly don't see the problem with the whole thank you gift think. Surely it is no different to leaving a tip in a restaurant or at the hairdressers?

And it isn't a new thing either - I started teaching in 1896 and it was very much the norm then. I went to school in the early 70s and it was not uncommmon even thirty years ago, even in a very ordinary state school in a not so great area.

itati Wed 16-Jul-08 20:42:14

When my son finished Reception I bought his teacher and teaching assitant necklaces from M&S costing £15 each and I felt perfect for them.

This year I have 2 teachers and a TA to buy for and money is a lot tighter. I have bought chocolates - Gordon Ramsey's dessert chocolates, Thornton's and a box from M&S. I would like to buy something else too as it really doesn't show how appreciative I am for all they have done for my children this year. There are also two TA's with my eldest son to buy for but he has different ones so not sure how to go about giving them gifts.

Hulababy Wed 16-Jul-08 20:44:16

Threadworm - re the professionalism and gift thing. DH is a solicitor and recieves many gifts of thanks from clients and contacts - cases of wine, trips to the golf/cricket/Ascot, chocolate, cards, whiskey, golf lessons, etc.

IdrisTheDragon Wed 16-Jul-08 20:45:25

<wonders exactly how old Hula is grin>

whatismyname Wed 16-Jul-08 20:45:27

DD wrote out a card she made and put
Misis ... I love you sow muc you love my I wood lik to liv with you can i be yur litle gurl

Ithink that says it all a year ago she couldn't write at all

itati Wed 16-Jul-08 20:45:27

Threadwworm - I actually did buy a gift for the doctor who worked on my daughter and saved her sight in her eye that was damaged in an accident. I felt so sorry for him. When they put her under with the GA the damage was much worse than expected and he had to make a judgement call. We had lots of visits and the one 2 years after the accident he couldn't tell which eye it was, as he had done such a good job.

whatismyname Wed 16-Jul-08 20:45:39

DD wrote out a card she made and put
Misis ... I love you sow muc you love my I wood lik to liv with you can i be yur litle gurl

Ithink that says it all a year ago she couldn't write at all

whatismyname Wed 16-Jul-08 20:45:39

DD wrote out a card she made and put
Misis ... I love you sow muc you love my I wood lik to liv with you can i be yur litle gurl

Ithink that says it all a year ago she couldn't write at all

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