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weemitch Mon 09-Nov-20 17:04:05

My son has been diagnosed with ADHD, having dyslexia myself I know I was able to apply for grants to help with my education, but I don't know if my son is able to get any financial support for his educational needs, for example school applying for one-one support. With COVID its been impossible to get speaking properly to his teacher or the SENCO and Im worried he is falling behind his year.

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Littlefish Wed 11-Nov-20 00:03:48

How far do you think he is falling behind? Does he have behavioural or social issues as a result of his ADHD?

Is he on the school's special needs register?

You really need to have some kind of correspondence with his school before you can decide how to proceed. This could be by email or phone.

My dd has an ADHD diagnosis. She has a provision map containing strategies and reasonable adjustments which teachers need to use/make. She will have alternative arrangements when she takes her GCSEs in the summer, such as being in a separate room.

No additional funding was needed to put any of these things in place.

weemitch Fri 13-Nov-20 08:27:58

Thank you Littlefish, I will try to email the school again and see if I can get to talk to his teacher. I feel a bit lost at the minute, he was diagnosed during covid and im still waiting to hear back from ADHD nurse due to covid 19 back log. I've looked online for advise on how to help him, which is helping but I have no way of helping him in school and I have no idea what they are doing to help him. In previous years he has been shouting out, getting up walking around the class room, poking people and throwing stuff when frustrated. This year however all I've been told is how well behaved he is, he is sitting quietly and almost disengaged from the class. His OT said this wasn't good and his teacher needed to get him up and active at times during the day to keep him engaged in what was going on, I did pass this on but seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

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Littlefish Fri 13-Nov-20 18:26:54

Do you have a report that goes with his diagnosis?

It sounds like he has combined ADHD which means that he has inattentive as well as hyperactive traits.

Do you belong to any of the Facebook groups for parents of children with ADHD? Look for the UK ones and you'll find lots of knowledgable parents who can guide you through the maze!

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