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If i fantasize about slapping a nun, will i go to hell? Although if i do i will meet her there!!! (my DD is getting bullied at school and she is as bad as the children!!)

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Aimsmum Wed 10-Oct-07 15:20:15

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Wed 10-Oct-07 19:14:31

Message withdrawn

Ainsmum, she's not Sister Miriam, is she, by any chance? I remember bringing my little sister up to one by that name to tell her about the class bully who had kicked my dsis viciously and got "Don't be telling tales!" In fairness, there were some lovely nuns in the school as well, they just got out-nunned by the evil ones.

Califright Wed 10-Oct-07 16:39:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pagwatch Wed 10-Oct-07 16:31:47

CD ! grin

Tinker Wed 10-Oct-07 16:30:47

God, one of ours had a motorbike. And you could see her bald head when her veil blew up. That latter bit might have been an urban myth however.

Boco Wed 10-Oct-07 16:28:08

I knew some nice ones briefly. I used to live in the grounds of a convent school between age 3 and 6. I loved the nuns, they had a giant sweet cupboard, i'd pick their own flowers and knock on the door and be guaranteed lollipops and liquorice. One of them had a motorbike and was scottish and very very smiley, i loved her.

But this one sounds evil.

Tinker Wed 10-Oct-07 16:27:00

pmsl at "don't let her give you any of that nun shit"

Tinker Wed 10-Oct-07 16:24:45

Having been taught by nuns I can vouch for their extreme sadism and hatred of children. Generally speaking, of course.

CountessDracula Wed 10-Oct-07 16:23:19

here this might help

pagwatch Wed 10-Oct-07 16:21:50

Ok. Ma is off the leash. She had 8 kids and has one hell of a right arm on her so they should be afraid. Very afraid...
MMwwahahaha...( is that how you spell the evil genius laugh ?).
She's down to visit next week. I'll let you know.

Doodledootoo Wed 10-Oct-07 16:18:54

Message withdrawn

seeker Wed 10-Oct-07 16:13:54


marthamoo Wed 10-Oct-07 16:08:57

I don't know nuns. Are there any nice ones?

seeker Wed 10-Oct-07 15:58:39

Slap her for me too. And as you do it, think "this one's for Sister Theodosia and this is for Sister Eustachia and this one's for Sister Maximiliana.

I am with pagwatch's mum. They are not different nuns -they are a hive consiousness they are like the Borg collective. Hit one and you get them all. Go for it, pagwatch's mum!

Seriously, is this a state school? What is a nu n doing there anyway, evil or not evil? Not that non-evil nuns exist.......

TigerFeet Wed 10-Oct-07 15:57:54

No, Sheherazadethegoat, no great mystery at all - therefore I think that CD's suggestion of 15.34 is the way forward grin

harman Wed 10-Oct-07 15:44:57

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Wed 10-Oct-07 15:42:24

Message withdrawn

Sheherazadethegoat Wed 10-Oct-07 15:39:17

oo - thank you i am so proud!

'There is something about their way of life that results in them being hardened, bitter old witches.' it is no great mystery is it?

Aimsmum Wed 10-Oct-07 15:38:07

Message withdrawn

TigerFeet Wed 10-Oct-07 15:37:56

Well if you are going to hell, then so am I. I want to slap most of the nuns that taught me really really hard. There is something about their way of life that results in them being hardened, bitter old witches.

Go on, slap her. I'll hold her down for you grin

LadyHex Wed 10-Oct-07 15:37:42

Put it all in writing.
Ask for a copy of the bullying policy.
Give them a week to get back to you to tell you how they are going to deal with it.

Nun slapping should only be used as a last resort! smile

CountessDracula Wed 10-Oct-07 15:35:59

nun post rabbit session

oliveoil Wed 10-Oct-07 15:35:28

By Sheherazadethegoat on Wed 10-Oct-07 15:29:09

nuns are crazy. sounds like a right bitch. if the head doesn't sort it out demand a meeting with the nun and don't let her give you any of that nun shit (believe me i have been there).


quote of the week

don't let her give you any of that nun shit!! lololololololol

Tortington Wed 10-Oct-07 15:35:18

ask for anti bullying policy
ask how you complain formally about members of staff

should suitable make people shit themselves - even if you dont do anthing

CountessDracula Wed 10-Oct-07 15:34:00

Maybe you should buy a rampant rabbit, wrap it up in a box and get your dd to give it to the nun with a note saying "you clearly need this, go and give yourself a good seeing to you sadistic old bint" or something

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