Abuse in boys boarding schools - Caldicott / St Pauls etc

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londonmummy27 Fri 21-Aug-20 21:07:14

Hi all,
My son is possibly moving out of his current school at 8+. The problem is even though he will be a day boy if he went to a boarding school or possible just onto another day school. In my research of the various schools I have come across their terrible past - Caldicott school, St Pauls etc. Although (hopefully) this is in the past has it put off anyone to even consider sending their child to the school?

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londonmummy27 Fri 21-Aug-20 21:08:21

Sorry title should of not just been boarding schools but boys schools!

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june2007 Fri 21-Aug-20 21:19:16

Checks have improoved alot compared to what they used to be. Unless you have heard about anything that is recent I wouldn,t worry.

Onceuponatimethen Fri 21-Aug-20 21:21:11

@londonmummy27 I think you ask a very valid question. If a school has recent history of not handling allegations well then it would put me off. Look at mandate now and watch the free documentary “chosen”

Fleabagster Sat 22-Aug-20 13:58:05

I don’t know about those particular schools but I agree it depends how recent it was, and also how it was dealt with. It wouldn’t put me off it was a completely new SMT, staff etc and the people involved had been prosecuted.

Devlesko Sat 22-Aug-20 14:01:22

My dd school is infamous for past cases of abuse. It was rife and so many people came forward.
You would not see the same place 20 or 30 years later.
Nothing goes unchecked, a proper line of support and help, unlike previously. Safeguarding is so much better now, and schools are transparent.
I'm not worried at all, tbh and mine is a boarder.

londonmummy27 Sat 22-Aug-20 18:25:13

Thank you appreciate the feedback, just so hard reading all these horrible past stories especially as on a couple of the schools where it was the Headmaster or very senior members of the school as they came across so well (charisma, extremely charming etc) before it was known what terrible things they were up to. Definitely added a few more questions I would need answers on in regards to safe guarding children in the schools care to ensure this does not happen

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snitcher Tue 25-Aug-20 18:47:37

Could you be more specific about what happened?

Was it sexual abuse and sexual assault ?

Onceuponatimethen Tue 25-Aug-20 22:06:04

@snitcher the Caldecott story is set out in the Chosen documentary

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