Highgate primary

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Schooplq Wed 08-Jul-20 11:50:14

Anyone have children that go here? Or know of any? Are they happy?

And - really interested to know - where approx the kids live? It has a large catchment, but I’d like a “neighbourhood”-type school and I get the impression it might not be one?

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ItsJustABoringOldOrange Wed 08-Jul-20 13:40:55

I know a few people with children at Highgate primary and they’ve all been very happy with it. It does have a large catchment for London as lots of parents in Highgate send their children private. I went to playgroups there and always thought it had a lovely community feel - was too far for my kids but would have been very happy for them to go there.

Schooplq Wed 08-Jul-20 13:46:55

Thank you orange! Did your friends live on the Highgate side? Just trying to figure out where the majority of kids tend to live.

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ItsJustABoringOldOrange Wed 08-Jul-20 17:05:01

They live north of the school - towards East Finchley.

Schooplq Wed 08-Jul-20 21:54:20

Thank you!

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Destroyedpeople Wed 08-Jul-20 21:57:52

They live in Archway ,Highgate ,East Finchley ,Hornsey,or Turnpike Lane IME.
My children went there fir a while. The behaviour was terrible in the class tbh. Lovely productions though.

Schooplq Wed 08-Jul-20 22:33:30

That’s interesting! Sounds like they’re from quite far.

Out of interest, did you take your children out because of behaviour stuff? Or because they went to senior school / you moved away?

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Destroyedpeople Wed 08-Jul-20 22:39:06

It's a good school..no uniforms..first names for teachers...very creative...everyone learning sign language. We had to.move at that time. It was probably just one or two 'characters' Re behaviour.
Very international. Over 100 languages'spoken in the playground.
I think it's nicer than st Michaels which is more shouty and traditional.

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