St Gabriel’s in Newbury

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Rebmolellmar Fri 26-Jun-20 16:22:28

Hi are there anyone here that’s theirs girls go to st Gabriel’s in Newbury please,I would love to talk to you xx

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Lonecatwithkitten Fri 26-Jun-20 22:59:47

My DD has just left after 11 happy years there. She started in reception and has just finished year 11.

Rebmolellmar Sat 27-Jun-20 06:40:47

Ah fab thank you for messaging back,I am looking to start my daughter in year 5,what’s it like there it mixed between very educational and sports etc,she does ok at school not brilliant but where she should be but seems to do amazing at like English,and art etc,also a questions about fees can you pay my monthly for them? Xx

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Lonecatwithkitten Sat 27-Jun-20 07:24:18

Fees you can spread over 10 months of the year.
Sport there is good sport, but not world class hockey, netball and rounders are the main focus.
Art is big over two thirds of my DD's year took Art is some form ( photography, textiles or pure art).
I reflected yesterday on her time at school she had several teachers who really inspired her and despite having a processing disorder is looking forward to an excellent set of GCSEs. Equally the academic girls achieve their potential you only have to look at last years A-level results to see that.
My DD is moving because her skill set is better suited to modular courses and she leaves with Mr Smith's blessing and support to go one of the top colleges in the UK for her skill set.
The school also surprised and impressed me by what they offered year 11 and 13 this term, a St Gabriel's certificate/diploma year 11 choose between 4 and 6 subjects they had MS teams lessons and also wrote investigative pieces on particular areas of those subjects ( 1000-1500 words). Year 13 choose a particular topic and researched and wrote and in depth article. These will be graded and documented for them.
The whole of the junior school is back now and they have very clear protocols for arrival at school, designated areas of the grounds for their bubble to play in etc. Hope this helps.

Rebmolellmar Sat 27-Jun-20 07:39:38

Amazing thank you so much, this has helps loads x

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