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what do I do now?

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ajj Thu 13-Sep-07 09:36:51

My dd aged 4 came home yesturday and said she didn't do pe with everyone else... When asked why she said she got changed with everyone else, went to the toilet and when she had finished she couldn't find the hall (only been there 5 days) so sat in the classroom until everyone else came back, when the classroom assistant helped her get changed. I have spoke to her teacher who says she did do pe, but she is still insisting she did not. Her friends also back up my dd... what next? She wouldn'd normally tell lies, and I find it hard to believe she is now.

MrsWeasley Thu 13-Sep-07 09:40:45

hmm I think the teacher just didnt notice she wasn't there shock

Your poor DD hope she is ok, mine would have been so upset.

nailpolish Thu 13-Sep-07 09:43:06

oh no

i think you should take dd with you and speak to the teacher again
everyone makes mistakes, the teacher possibly didnt notice she wasnt there

i hope your dd is ok sad

drinkmoretea Thu 13-Sep-07 09:43:55

I would go and see the head, anything could of happened. I don't think it's likely the teacher would admit it!
I would be really fuming if that was me.

ajj Thu 13-Sep-07 09:46:45

dd is ok, but teacher is insistant she was there. dd starts full time next week and this is now starting to make me nervous about leaving her.

nailpolish Thu 13-Sep-07 09:49:59

this is wht i would do

i would take dd with me to speak to the teacher
i would say something like "dd is upset and so am i, i am now worried she will get anxious next PE time. i want her to be relaxed and enjoy school"

and see what the teacher says

she might say something like "i really am sure dd was there, but dont worry, ill keep an extra eye on her and reassure her next PE time"

even if the teacher still believes dd was in PE, she should recognise your worries

chloesmumtoo Thu 13-Sep-07 09:52:21

oh dear. That is heartbreaking. I would be mortified. Just make sure she totally understands. I know my ds when he started school did make me giggle with the confusion between P.E. and the pee in the toilet. That may not make sense but heres the story. I kept asking him if he had done P.E. and he turned around and said 'yes'. I said 'oh so you wore your shorts and t-shirt then' and then he replied no. I then quized him more and asked where he done P.E. and he looked at me stupid and said 'In the toilet' lol. I have never forgot this it was so funny. Im sure your dd sounds positive though about not finding the hall and then waiting in the classroom so I definately would not doubt her and dont let her feel you think she is lying. what a worry for you. I dont like to think that she was forgotten

Hulababy Thu 13-Sep-07 09:52:57

Agree with np, good way of dealing with it.

Teacher will still not be used to all children in her class and who is who. Could have been quite easy to miss one of them.

Poor DD, hope she is okay now

Incase of any other problems on a similar line, might be worth asking teacher to chat to class about what to do - for example, finsing another techer in next classroom to ask, etc.

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