Hammersmith primary schools

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flyingpinkrabbit Tue 25-Feb-20 20:58:47

I would be really grateful if you could share some of the best state schools in Hammersmith and south Fulham area, and your experiences with schools here. Ideally I would prefer my child could start the first few years in state school and attend private from Year 7 or Year 11.

I know John Betts is a big name in the area, and the majority of kids go to private after finishing the school, but it's almost impossible to get in, right?What about Larmenier and Scared Heart? Is this school easy to get in? Is it academic and pushy? I have also researched West London Free and some other religious schools like St Augustine and St Peter.

Would it be hard to transfer to the private education system after having started at state schools?

Please share your experience and advice with me, thank you

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