Moving DS to a new primary school

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The2Ateam Sat 11-Jan-20 10:29:58

Hi, I would really appreciate views and any experience of moving a 7/yr2 child to a new primary school.

For context, DS very happy at current primary school. He is thriving and I they do a good job of managing his food allergies and asthma.

We move house a year ago, about 4miles from p previous house and school so daughter could get into a secondary school in the catchment of our new home.

The plan was to leave DS where he was until DD was settled into yr7 at her new school. This has meant me driving DS tomold school every morning, before community on public transport for 40minutes to work and the same at the end of the day - which is hard.

Now we’re settled in our new home, DD at school I am thinking more about moving DS to a primary school near home. We are lucky as the schools are just as good but I am really worried about moving home from a school he loves. For added context, DS loves school and is a a bit of a sensitive soul.


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viques Sat 11-Jan-20 10:46:59

Does your DS have many friends where you now live? Is he involved in any sports or activities eg cubs locally? If he knows local children then making the move might be easier.

But ultimately, you are the parent and it is your decision, so he will have to eventually accept it. Many children move schools , and most settle in well.

If you could bear to do the journey until the end of the school year and try for a September place in Y3 then it is a 'natural' break, and additionally the removal of the Infant class size limit means that you will be able to appeal for a place if the school you like is full.

However, if the local school you like has a place in Y2 available NOW snatch it up and move him at once, since you can never tell who might sneak into catchment ahead of you.

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