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meki Thu 06-Jun-19 13:22:07

Thank you - I’ll make a note to check this in September

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AnonymousMugwumpery Tue 28-May-19 22:11:27

Ps - you get five or six (can't remember) choices on the Kingston form. No reason not to put Maple on there if it's the one you really want - you will run out of schools you can realistically get before you run out of spaces!

AnonymousMugwumpery Tue 28-May-19 22:09:46

Ok, so firstly - Kingston seems to have removed this year's booklet now (or at least, I cannot find it on the website) but every year in September they will publish an admissions booklet which sets out all the primary schools in the borough, their admission criteria, and the stats of who got in from previous years including furthest distance. You will be able to see this and get a flavour of your chances.

Certainly a few years ago it didn't go out half a mile from Maple Infants (not Maypole primary - this suggests you are at a very early stage in finding out about the process), but that may have changed now.

There are plenty of good schools in Surbiton.

meki Tue 28-May-19 15:15:31

Hello all, I live in Surbiton and would like some advice on local primary schools please (which is the best from the academic point of view and how hard is it to get in) I’m looking at Maypole Infant but am leaving just under 1 mile from them and was told by someone that I shouldn’t even bother as they admit children that live very close by... any advice would be appreciated

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