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mumofsomeone Fri 15-Feb-19 11:27:32

On Friday 15th March 2019 ( the primary school) will be taking part in an exciting and amazing opportunity. We are hoping to break the current Guinness World Record for the ‘Largest gathering of people dressed as astronauts.’

In order to break this record, we are asking that children come to school on this day dressed as an astronaut.

To be counted towards the final total, the children must be wearing:

* Full head to toe astronaut costumes including a space suit

* A space helmet

* Gloves covering their hands

Failure to comply with these regulations (attached), could result in your child not being counted and a failed attempt. It would be a great achievement if we could try and get this record and something the children can all participate in.

Personally i find this email very rude as it fails to state the motive of doing such a think. Is it for a charity event, personal reasons; Fail to include parents and engage children into making material for the event. And finally treats parents as bank, what about those who have 3 kids or more?

Am i overreacting? please give me your own thoughts.

PC. We only received this email last week.

BubblesBuddy Fri 15-Feb-19 12:05:11

It’s utterly bizarre!!! Why do it? Full space suit and helmet? We wouldn’t have a helmet and I wouldn’t have access to a space suit either! I would be talking at the school gates about this one! Is dntime seriously going to do this? Surely the Head is PR stunt crazy! Or just crazy?

I’m afraid I would be passing on this.

BubblesBuddy Fri 15-Feb-19 12:08:12

Your title is a bit basic. It doesn’t describe your post and your question.

Darkbaptism Fri 15-Feb-19 12:12:17

They should first ask parents if they are happy to take part, look at how many are and then decide whether it’s worth going ahead. Seems odd to state that’s what they are doing without asking for interest first.

typoqueen Fri 15-Feb-19 13:20:45

im so glad i no longer have primary school children, sorry not much help, but i do think it is ridiculous that schools think we can just pull all these wanted costumes out of our backsides at the drop of a hat, if the school want them to be worn then make them in school

Lara53 Fri 15-Feb-19 20:12:22

How odd!

Slowknitter Fri 15-Feb-19 20:16:46

What a pointless record to break, and a pain in the neck for parents.

BrizzleMint Fri 15-Feb-19 20:20:13

I'd send my children in normal clothes and say they were an astronaut inside the international space station.

missyB1 Fri 15-Feb-19 20:21:45

Sounds utterly pointless and and a big pita.

Nodrama999 Fri 15-Feb-19 20:24:52

How much notice have you been given? It’s not exactly something you can rustle up!
The primary school my children go to would never achieve this, there are only 200 children. My sisters on the other hand have 800 children

gnatgnu Fri 15-Feb-19 20:25:34

I think it is probably for science week - this year’s theme is ‘journeys’...

spanieleyes Fri 15-Feb-19 20:34:47

isn't 15th March Comic Relief?
Maybe it's all a big joke!

MidniteScribbler Fri 15-Feb-19 21:58:49

Good grief. Absolutely ridiculous.

DS wouldn't be participating as he absolutely hates dressing up, and I would refuse to purchase a costume for this on the basis of it never being used again. Wasteful, both financially, and for the environment.

golddigga Fri 15-Feb-19 22:02:10

Come on. Friday 15th March? Comic relief. Either you're pulling our legs or the school is pulling yours. Seriously

mumofsomeone Sat 16-Feb-19 07:07:57

About a month`s notice. The school is fairly big about 440 pupils. But even then they should sent a bit more information out to the parents. Or having workshops with kids to make parts of the suit. Is the school going to get a financial aid by participating? or just PR? Imagine 440 kids* £15 per costume...That money could be spent more wisely?

Nodrama999 Sat 16-Feb-19 08:47:54

I think it’s a bit ridiculous to be honest. I’d raise my concerns with the school to perhaps get the costumes in bulk at a reduced rate (make sure the PTA don’t get involved, they would add their bit on top “to raise money for the school”) it’s unreasonable to ask parents to fork out. I think I must have spent over £50 in the first term this year on everything they wanted the kids to be involved in

Whynotnowbaby Sat 16-Feb-19 08:59:17

It would be a no from me! I hate dress up days at the best of times but it seems utterly pointless to demand such a complex costume. I’m crap at making things like they do my attempt probably wouldn’t b good enough to count anyway and there’s no way I would be buying a full spacesuit costume! I think I would probably contact the school immediately and tell them my dc wouldn’t be involved and suggest bringing them in later to avoid them hanging around for ages while this record attempt was being attempted.

Happysummer Wed 20-Feb-19 21:58:36

'achievement', 'opportunity' for what? How is anyone expected to provide a full space suit with helmet?

It's a big no from me!

Whynotnowbaby Fri 22-Feb-19 17:47:39

@mumofsomeone what happened? Did everyone dress up and did they break the record or did common sense prevail?

BrimfulOfChocolate Fri 22-Feb-19 19:43:35

It's not for another three weeks!

Whynotnowbaby Sun 24-Feb-19 20:07:18

Sorry! I am living a month ahead of myself- was thinking 15th Feb!

BubblesBuddy Sun 24-Feb-19 21:09:08

I’m waiting for it to be covered by the BBC.

GregoryPeckingDuck Sun 24-Feb-19 21:13:12

Wrote back telling them that it is ridiculously short notice but you are happy to donate white binbags so the kids can make their suits in class because you sure as hell don’t want to

mumofsomeone Mon 25-Feb-19 06:13:04

Unfortunately the school lacks communication, we so far had no other information on the subject. I also would like to add that about half of pupils or even more do come from 'disadvantage' background, is a very well issue to everyone. So many parents do no get that decision. School is not that great against the national average either.

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